Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Goals: March 2011

In 2010, my goal was to qualify for Boston. I trained consistently. I train intensely. I made some mistakes and my body gave out on me. I hurt my foot and as a result I didn't qualify. I'm OK with that though because it was the process that was important. I spent a good 4 months training hard and spending time with good friends - in one way it was a disappointment but in many others it was a huge victory!

For quite a while now, my goal was to drop 10-15 pounds. This has been a tougher road than even the marathon training. There is no arguing the fact that I exercise at a high intensity - I put the work in. The problem enters in on the nutrition side of the equation. You can not out exercise what you can potentially eat! All of those little bites count toward your total daily calories. Just because you break off a piece of cookie (instead of eating the entire cookie) doesn't mean it is calorie free. Just because I spent 1 hour exercising at my max doesn't mean I can give in to those sugar cravings. And, unfortunately, that is exactly what I've been doing. Losing the pounds obviously isn't the right "goal" for me. I'm hoping to make the weight loss a secondary achievement.

I have run the Baltimore 10 Miler for the past few years now. It is a great race - well run - and a fair but challenging course. The field has grown each and every year and because of the layout of the streets, they have gone to a wave start. This means that you need to enter an approximate race time when you sign up so that you can start with people who will be running at about the same pace. The course has had my number the past couple of years so when I had to choose a time, I struggled with what it should be. I decided to make this one of my next goals with the hope that it will help me stay motivated with my exercise routine as well as work on my "secondary weight loss goal". I entered in a time of 1:20:00 for the 10 miles (which equates to 8 min/mile). This will be a HUGE challenge for me so it is going to be imperative for me to keep my exercise intensity high, keep my program balanced (running, strengthening & stretching/yoga). It is also going to be a big help to my speed if I drop those pounds.

So, in the next 108 days I will be striving to increase my running speed, to get my body stronger and to keep my flexibility high. I will be running, using my P90X and my Insanity programs to achieve those goals. I know I need accountability with my nutrition so if you read this, please check in with me - call me out if I seem to be slacking in the food department. The little ticker at the top of my blog should make steady downward progress. I will be exercising at my max and because of that, I need to fuel it with good and healthy foods.

Goals are important! I need to have focus - something to work towards. So, my first goal for 2011 is 1:20:00 at the Baltimore 10 Miler! I will be making others but for right now this is what I'm working towards!!

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