Friday, March 25, 2011

85 Days

I was really tired this morning - seems to be a trend lately. I'm seriously thinking about taking some days off next week (recovery week) and actually sleeping in. Today was also supposed to be a low calorie day but I decided against it. Last night, while at my son's baseball practice, I started to get a scratchy thought and some dripping (not going into anymore detail) and I didn't think that dropping my calories was not what I needed right now.

I did however get my workout done this morning. I have 1 more day of Insanity left. It is scheduled as Max Cardio Conditioning/Cardio Abs and the Fit Test. Since I've been so tired lately, I think I'm actually going to just do the Fit Test on Sunday. Then I may take Monday and Tuesday off completely. These are also days that I teach my gym classes as school so it won't be completely devoid of exercise. Then on Wednesday I may do one of the recovery workout, Thursday will be a run day and I'm thinking maybe a yoga day on Friday. That will bring me to my long run on Saturday and my hybrid starts on Monday. I'm leaving next week kind of in limbo - I have the above outlined plan in my head but I'm also leaving it open to change if necessary.

I also have a confession to make. I gave into the temptation of a burger and fries for today's lunch. I was out running errands and it took longer than I expected so I didn't get home for lunch and I didn't bring anything with me. I could have made a better choice but I didn't. That fact cannot be changed and I will no longer dwell on it either. I will make better choices for the rest of the day and forgo any type of dessert (even a healthy one). I'm also thinking about adding another workout this afternoon just to help offset the poor choice of lunch. I know I can't out exercise the calories I take in but it will help me mentally!

Something good did come out of my errands though! Over this past week I had 4 different lights burn out on me when I turned on the switch. Two of which were flood lights in our family room. These silly lights (part of a track lighting system) are the hardest thing to figure out. There seems to be a million different sizes and wattage etc. But, I went to the store and got the right ones and even installed them back into the tracks! I also replaced the appliance light in our kitchen radio and the light in my daughter's ceiling fan. All this might not sound like much but I'm proud of the accomplishment!

I will try to get on later and update the rest of the day!

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