Sunday, February 27, 2011

Insanity Fit Test #3

I took my third Fit Test this morning and except for a muscle spasm in my back I'm happy! Here are the results:

Switch Kicks: 69/73/83
Power Jacks: 62/63/65
Power Knees: 106/120/124
Power Jumps: 39/50/55 - these are my hardest ones!
Globe Jumps: 11/12/12
Suicide Jumps: 16/19/20
Push-up Jacks: 23/27/27 - I think I'm also going down farther than I did at the start.
Low Plank Oblique: 60/78/70 - during this one I started to get a spasm in my back so I couldn't keep it going.

I am really happy with these results! Tomorrow I start the Max sessions - today, I will really try to get this back spasm under control.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The End of Recovery Week

This has actually been a tough week. The Insanity recovery week has you do the same workout all week. I have really gotten used to doing something different each day so the repetition got to me a bit. I did mix in a day of yoga and today I will do a stretching session - as soon as I finish this. The week ends with a nice run tomorrow morning - I look forward to these because it gives me a chance to catch up with my runnin' buds.

Next week the real work begins! The Max sessions of my Insanity program begins. I believe there are 4 separate workouts and you just cycle through them one after another. I've seen some video of them and they look really tough. I'm definitely interested in seeing how my body deals with them.

I have 1 more month of Insanity and then I'm getting back into more running. I've already put together a program, which will probably run me a good 6 months, that will incorporate P90X, Insanity and my running. I'm going to alternate the P90X workouts and the Insanity workouts by month with 3 days of running being a constant throughout the program. I really want to see how my body responds to this hybrid. I love the way it will incorporate the lifting, the running and the high intensity plyos as well as the P90X yoga. They have all become so very important to me and the functioning of my body!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Recovery Week!

I've made it to the Recovery Week in my Insanity program! That means I've made it to the 5 week mark of the program and that next week will begin the 2nd phase of the program.....the Max workouts! I'm nervous and excited all at the same time!!

I was able to go for a 7 mile run on Saturday and it went really well. I wasn't sore afterwards - like I was after the 11 miler the week before. The first 3.5 miles were completed in about 10:30 splits and the last 3.5 miles were in the low 9's. I was very pleased with how my legs felt at the faster pace. I could definitely feel that it was faster - thanks for pushing the pace Cathy! I was happy when we reached the end of the run but I know that I could have kept going.

I did not complete the last Plyo CC session on Sunday because I tweaked my foot on Saturday. I was coming down the steps and a tendon, or something, twinged and it has been a little sore. I decided it would be better to rest it than to do a lot of jumping an lateral movements. It is still a little sore but I didn't have any trouble with the Core Cardio & Balance workout. This was a new workout for me and I liked it - good thing because I do this same workout all week long. There is one section of the workout where you just BLAST your hip flexors and then your shoulders. I'm really hoping that the shoulder work will help me with the plank work in the sessions (I usually start to give out in my upper body before my core "dies").

I think I'm also going to take some 1/2 way photos. I really haven't seen much scale motion but I do feel better. I also feel like my core is stronger and firmer. As these workouts ramp up I'm really hoping to see some downward movement on the scale. My nutrition isn't perfect but I really feel like I'm starting to correct some things.

I'm off for meal #2 - trying a Shakeology drink that I got from a friend. Make it a great day!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 17th Update

Wow - things are really moving along! I completed day 25 of my Insanity program. I'm almost 1/2 way finished. The program is intense but I am loving every minute of it! I haven't seen much movement on the scale but I was noticing today that I'm really feeling good! I don't really know how to explain the feeling but I just feel better than I was before.

I am starting to get a better handle on my nutrition as well. Reality is, I haven't dropped any weight because my nutrition hasn't been good enough. Afternoons are my weak times so I've been trying to alter my habits/schedule to account for this time better. Some days it works better than others but the important thing is that I keep working at it!

The weather was absolutely beautiful today - about 65 degrees. The weather really fired up Chip and he decided to start digging in our veggie garden. In order to combat this I decided to take him out for a run. My kids were home so I got them on their scooters and the 4 of us did a 1.5 mile loop in our neighborhood. It was a GREAT time and it did a pretty good job at tiring Chip out (at least for a little while). I'm proud of both Chip (we only walked once) and the kids. The section where we walked was on a pretty steep hill and I was afraid that the kids might fall. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get us all out to the park so we can hike on the trails.

The warm weather leaves on Saturday - back to reality! It's back just in time for my Saturday run with "The Group". I'm not planning on running as far as I did last week. I'm planning on between 7-8 miles. Eleven was definitely too far to start off with! It should be a good time!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Day After.....

Yesterday, I went on my first run in about 3 weeks. It was great to get out with my running buds! I have really missed them! My plan was to run about 9-10 miles at a nice easy pace. I ended up running 11 miles. The pace was OK - I did the first 5 a bit faster than I probably should but I was running with a friend that I haven't seen in probably 2 months and we got caught up in the conversation.....I wouldn't trade it for hte world!

The second half of the run was pretty hilly but the pace was slower. Cardiovascularly, I felt great! I was thrilled with the way my Insanity program has kept my cardio shape up. I didn't know how I would feel over a long run because the Insanity workouts are shorter (about 45 min. and I ran for over 2 hours) and they work different energy systems. I was also pleased at the amount of spring I had in my legs going up the hills.

Things felt great until about miles 7-8 which was when I started to feel tight in my legs. There wasn't any pain involved, I just started to feel a tightness, especially in my hamstrings. I was running with a friend who is in PT for a hip problem so we did do some walking which was nice. By the time we got back to our cars at mile 11 I was really ready to be finished!

I did some quick stretching for my legs and sides but boy did I tighten up on the ride home. As soon as I got home, I changed and settled in for some stretching. I was VERY tight! I find that my core area is really effected when I run. I get these little spasms, especially in between my ribs, when I'm finished my runs. I've been trying to work on strengthening my core but I still get those spasms when I'm finished. In addition, my legs, feet and hips were pretty sore for the rest of the day - not injury sore just sore from doing something I haven't done in 3 weeks.

Fast forward to this morning....I am still pretty tight and a bit sore. I was planning on doing my Insanity Plyo CC session this morning but I decided to take a rest day. I figured that if my hips and knees were sore, jumping on them probably wasn't a good idea. I am focusing in stretching today!

I'm also thinking about becoming a BeachBody coach. There is some initial cost involved because you are starting a home business. I'm trying to get a handle on exactly what those costs are and then I'll talk it over with the hubby and decide what to do next. There is a lot of opportunity there but I'm not sure if it is for me - still on the fence. I love the exercise products that is for sure! I haven't tried the nutritional products but everyone on the message boards seem to love them.

Looking forward to a nice day with friends! Also looking forward to getting back to my Insanity workouts tomorrow - I think it is Pure Cardio!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Our First Run/Walk!

Chip (my puppy) and I went for our first run/walk together today. We went 1.25 miles - it is the route that we walk every night so I knew the distance would be no problem. I would try (emphasis on try) to get him to slow down and walk but he was loving it!

We started with Chip picking up a bottle - he is such a Lab! - and walking. Right from the start he just wanted to Go! When we did start to jog I was having trouble keeping up with him but I got him to slow down a bit just by talking to him. He's my smart boy. My jog seems to be a fast walk for him...LOL!

I was really amazed at just how well he took to it! Now I really can't wait for the weather to start getting nicer! I really want to get him out on the trails but there is still snow around here so the loop in our neighborhood is what we'll use. I'm hoping to get him out a few times a week at least at the beginning. He is about 7 1/2 months old so I don't want to go too far or do it too often.

I'm hoping to have many more runnin' with my dog stories in the future!!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Things have been going well!

Monday was my 2nd Fit Test and I was a bit nervous about how my results would turn out. It turned out really well so I was quite pleased! I added more reps to every exercise and I feel like I was going lower in my push-up!! Here are the results (the first number is what I did in the initial test):

Switch kicks: 69/73
Power jacks: 62/63
Power knees: 106/120
Power jumps:39/50 (I'm super thrilled with these b/c I always find these hard)
Globe jumps:11/12
Suicide jumps:16/19
Push-up jacks:23/27 (I think I was also going down further into my push-up)
Low plank oblique: 60/78

On Tuesday, I decided to do my workout in the afternoon because I felt tired when I got up in the morning. Let me tell ya - there is a big difference between morning and afternoon sessions. My legs felt really sluggish in the afternoon (I teach gym classes to preschoolers on Monday and Tuesday). However, I pushed through that Plyo CC session and was very pleased about the whole session. I actually love that particular workout. It is really hard but there is something about it that really appeals to me.

This morning was Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs. First let me say that I find this session really hard because you just never get a break. Add to this that my legs were still a bit fatigued from yesterday and it just turned out to be a really hard workout. I'm proud of myself for doing my best and pushing through.

I'm still working on my nutrition - I've had some ups and downs. I'm also trying to change the way I think about my body and how it looks and functions. Sure I'm heavier than I would like to be but I know that I'm healthy and strong on the inside. I'm still looking to drop some fat weight but I'm also trying to work on feeling better about myself no matter what!

Until next time!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

P90X Yoga

I just finished my P90X Yoga session and I feel great! I definitely needed this workout - I was finding that I had many more tight areas than I thought. My flexibility has increased greatly since this summer and I really notice when I start to "slack-off". I've been stretching with my Insanity workouts but I have found that it isn't as much as I was getting with my P90X sessions. I don't necessarily consider this as a fault with Insanity it is just a different workout and I need to adjust accordingly. I will add, at least part, of the P90X Yoga DVD into my workout schedule. I say part because 90 minutes is hard to fit into my day. I'm really happy when I can get the first 45 minutes of the DVD finished.

I've also added a weight loss ticker to the top of my page. I need the extra accountability beause I have been sliding a bit on the nutritional aspect of my program. While getting ready this morning, I turned on the TV and the Insanity infomercial was on. There is one section where Shaun T. says something like: "If you give it you ALL you will see results". I really feel like I'm giving my all during the workouts BUT it occurred to me that I'm not giving it my ALL with my nutrition plan. I have come to learn, through my time with Leanness Lifestyle, that the nutrition is more important than the exercise. You cannot out exercise what you can potentially eat! I need to keep this in mind each and every day!!

If you are a football fan - enjoy the game tonight but watch your eating! That is what I am going to do today. We are spending the day at a friends house and they typically order pizza for dinner. It may not be the best decision but I'm going to allow myself 1 slice of pizza tonight. During the day I will drink lots of water and snack on veggies only! Please check back here and keep me accountable! If I don't post the outcome please send me a comment. Enjoy the day because every day is a blessing!!!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Insanity Day 13

My Insanity workouts continue to roll along. I can't believe that I'm almost 2 weeks into this program. I am starting to see some progress with some of the moves! There is one move called suicide jumps that I was struggling with. It is on the Fit Test and I was able to do 16 in one minute (not sure if this is good or not). This move has you bend down, jump your feet back into plank position, then jump back into the bent position and then finish by standing and jumping up in the air. You then repeat this series over and over again. When I started, I almost felt like my feet were getting "stuck" on the way back in and it took me a long time to get my feet under me so that I could then stand and jump. This morning I felt like my feet got right under me which allowed me to stand and jump more quickly.

I am continuing to work on my nutrition. One thing I need to do more of in this area is plan. I've made progress in that I have moved most of the junky stuff outside into the car (it is the kid's after-school snack) so that I can't mindlessly grab a bag and munch. There is still more junk in my kitchen and I know that my best course of action is to just go up and throw it all away. I'll be honest that it doesn't feel right to just throw out unused food when it hasn't spoiled but I also know that if it is in the house I WILL eventually eat it! OK fast forward about 10 seconds and I just walked up to my kitchen and threw out a bag of chocolate that was up there. I have been munching on it but I can no longer do that - it is at the bottom of my kitchen trash can. Yes, I moved stuff out of the way and put the bag on the bottom and covered it back up. IT IS GONE!!!

My 2nd Fit Test is Monday and I considered making up Wednesday's missed workout tomorrow but have decided against it. I will instead do my P90X Yoga session. I really credit this workout in particular with helping to get my foot back into a pain free state. Side Note: I noticed today that when I went to massage the heel area of my left foot (the one that had the plantar fasciitis) I didn't have any pain anymore! The foot hasn't been bothering me but there was always just a bit of soreness near my heel when I would massage it. My new shoes have also been a big help but I'm looking forward to doing the Yoga session and really working on the stretching of my entire lower body.

Tonight my son got to use his birthday present - Flyers Tickets. He went to the game with his Daddy and just saw them win over the Dallas Stars. I took him to a minor league game a few weeks back and our team won that one too. My "Little Man" 2 for 2 - way to go "Dude"!

The hour is getting late and I need some sleep! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Nutrition is........and other stuff

Nutrition is my Strength!

I am making this my new mantra. I am going to try and say this to myself numerous times each day because as I posted before: "I am what I think about most!" This weekend was a struggle with my nutrition (anniversary dinner Friday night plus some high fat and carb meals on Sunday). So now I need to get back on track and creating this mantra is my first step. Nutrition is my Strength!

My exercise session have been amazing lately! Saturday was Insanity Plyo Cardio Conditioning and then a really" insane" hike at the park. The snow and the hills made it really hard - even our puppy was tired by the end!! I really wish I had worn my HR monitor because I think it would be interesting to see how it compared to my Insanity workouts. Yes, it felt that hard!!!! Oh and, Nutrition is my Strength! Sunday was a much needed rest day. My hubby and I thought about going on another hike at the park but lying around and relaxing felt really good - I even slept in and I never do that.

Monday brought my next Insanity workout - Cardio Power and Resistance. I had trouble getting motivated first thing in the am but ya know what? I got myself up off the sofa and into my workout clothes. It turned out to be an absolutely AWESOME workout! Nutrition is my Strength!! I worked hard and felt extra satisfied when it was all done. I love having a great workout when you struggle to get motivated. Just knowing that even though you didn't want to do it but you pushed through anyway feels great.

That brings us to today and a Pure Cardio workout. Nutrition is my Strength! I think I was able to push through thsi workout a little bit more than the first time through. It was still a struggle - about 15 minutes of non-stop super high intensity cardio. I was feeling great with the way things went and I was finishing up with a few of my own stretches when something happened. The phone rang and it turns out that the kids were off school and so was I because there was all sorts of ice out on the roads. It's only February 1st and the kids are already been off enough to cause them to have make-up days at the end of the year! In one way it makes me glad that I have started the Insanity program because I would be getting really stressed about missing a lot of running days if that was the only thing I was doing right now. Nutrition is my Strength!

I feel like this post got away from me a bit - I've been all over the board here at the end of the post. Thanks to anyone who reads this and I would love to hear back from you! Have a great day and keep eating clean and exercising hard!!