Saturday, February 05, 2011

Insanity Day 13

My Insanity workouts continue to roll along. I can't believe that I'm almost 2 weeks into this program. I am starting to see some progress with some of the moves! There is one move called suicide jumps that I was struggling with. It is on the Fit Test and I was able to do 16 in one minute (not sure if this is good or not). This move has you bend down, jump your feet back into plank position, then jump back into the bent position and then finish by standing and jumping up in the air. You then repeat this series over and over again. When I started, I almost felt like my feet were getting "stuck" on the way back in and it took me a long time to get my feet under me so that I could then stand and jump. This morning I felt like my feet got right under me which allowed me to stand and jump more quickly.

I am continuing to work on my nutrition. One thing I need to do more of in this area is plan. I've made progress in that I have moved most of the junky stuff outside into the car (it is the kid's after-school snack) so that I can't mindlessly grab a bag and munch. There is still more junk in my kitchen and I know that my best course of action is to just go up and throw it all away. I'll be honest that it doesn't feel right to just throw out unused food when it hasn't spoiled but I also know that if it is in the house I WILL eventually eat it! OK fast forward about 10 seconds and I just walked up to my kitchen and threw out a bag of chocolate that was up there. I have been munching on it but I can no longer do that - it is at the bottom of my kitchen trash can. Yes, I moved stuff out of the way and put the bag on the bottom and covered it back up. IT IS GONE!!!

My 2nd Fit Test is Monday and I considered making up Wednesday's missed workout tomorrow but have decided against it. I will instead do my P90X Yoga session. I really credit this workout in particular with helping to get my foot back into a pain free state. Side Note: I noticed today that when I went to massage the heel area of my left foot (the one that had the plantar fasciitis) I didn't have any pain anymore! The foot hasn't been bothering me but there was always just a bit of soreness near my heel when I would massage it. My new shoes have also been a big help but I'm looking forward to doing the Yoga session and really working on the stretching of my entire lower body.

Tonight my son got to use his birthday present - Flyers Tickets. He went to the game with his Daddy and just saw them win over the Dallas Stars. I took him to a minor league game a few weeks back and our team won that one too. My "Little Man" 2 for 2 - way to go "Dude"!

The hour is getting late and I need some sleep! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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