Sunday, February 06, 2011

P90X Yoga

I just finished my P90X Yoga session and I feel great! I definitely needed this workout - I was finding that I had many more tight areas than I thought. My flexibility has increased greatly since this summer and I really notice when I start to "slack-off". I've been stretching with my Insanity workouts but I have found that it isn't as much as I was getting with my P90X sessions. I don't necessarily consider this as a fault with Insanity it is just a different workout and I need to adjust accordingly. I will add, at least part, of the P90X Yoga DVD into my workout schedule. I say part because 90 minutes is hard to fit into my day. I'm really happy when I can get the first 45 minutes of the DVD finished.

I've also added a weight loss ticker to the top of my page. I need the extra accountability beause I have been sliding a bit on the nutritional aspect of my program. While getting ready this morning, I turned on the TV and the Insanity infomercial was on. There is one section where Shaun T. says something like: "If you give it you ALL you will see results". I really feel like I'm giving my all during the workouts BUT it occurred to me that I'm not giving it my ALL with my nutrition plan. I have come to learn, through my time with Leanness Lifestyle, that the nutrition is more important than the exercise. You cannot out exercise what you can potentially eat! I need to keep this in mind each and every day!!

If you are a football fan - enjoy the game tonight but watch your eating! That is what I am going to do today. We are spending the day at a friends house and they typically order pizza for dinner. It may not be the best decision but I'm going to allow myself 1 slice of pizza tonight. During the day I will drink lots of water and snack on veggies only! Please check back here and keep me accountable! If I don't post the outcome please send me a comment. Enjoy the day because every day is a blessing!!!

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