Tuesday, November 04, 2008

PWE2 - Day 3

Day 3 is in the books. I am proud that I was able to ride my bike for 30 minutes with my Cardio Coach workout. I wasn't sure my butt would last that long but it and I did well. I was sweating like a pig and it felt great!

I'm a work in progress with my eating but I'll continue to work on it every day!

Off to watch a movie because I'm tired of politics!!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

PWE2 - Day 2

I dropped a pretty fair amount of water weight yesterday. The scale read 146 this morning. I followed through on my plan for lifting this morning although my neck/back muscle spasm thing is trying to spoil my plans. I did avoid my bent-over rows but other than that things went well.

I road my bike, on the trainer, for 10 minutes. I know 10 minutes isn't much but I'm doing it more to get my butt used to the seat. There is a huge difference between my road bike and my hybrid bike. Everything is totally different between the 2 bikes and I'm trying to ease my way into everything. When I got on the bike yesterday, I felt like I was going to go head-over-heels over the handle bars because the angle is MUCH steeper than I'm used to.

I'm trying to keep myself positive about my eating. Today has not been perfect but I'm taking forward steps. I've done well with my water intake which will be key for me! I think I'm going to have to ask my dh and my kids to hide the candy. It is pretty clear to me that I will not be able to keep away from it. I'm not going to kick myself for a piece here and there but I know stopping at just one piece is VERY difficult for me.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a 5.5 mile hill run. I hope the rain stays away so that I can get it in. I'm not sure I can stay on the bike long enough to get a sufficient workout.

I'm off to plan for tomorrow!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

I Choose!

I choose how I act!
I choose how I eat!
I choose how I react!
I choose to make positive changes in my life!

My kids are big High School Musical fans. So, as a result, I have heard all the songs and seen all the movies many times. I can hear you now: "What in the world does High School Musical have to do with the opening statements?"

More than you might think!

If you aren't familiar with the High School Musical trilogy, the characters are juniors and seniors in high school and they deal with all the "normal" high school pressures (OK, Hollywood's version of "normal high school pressures"). But, the part I take away from the stories is that they end up doing the things they love and the things they have a passion for - even when doing so causes them grief with their friends.

Again, you're asking "Why is she telling me this?" Here it is - they chose what was right for them and so am I! I like being healthy, I like exercising, I like the way good and healthy food makes my body work and feel. So I am choosing to make those things a priority even if it cause me problems in other areas of my life.

The kids in the movies were dealing with peer pressure, which is a huge problem for many people. My pressure comes from within - THE BEAST. For me THE BEAST is a voice inside that tries to draw me toward things that I know are not in my best interests. In the past, I have chosen to listen to this voice. I have chosen to eat the candy. I have chosen to eat the fast food, I have chosen to not do my lifting workouts. I am now choosing to not listen to THE BEAST!

I am starting today - I chose to get up early to run this morning but I was only going to do a little bit. S, I got dressed and went out to set up my Garmin but when I turned it on the charge was gone (I guess I forgot to turn it off yesterday) and since I was running alone, I thought about just skipping the run - I sometimes struggle to get out the door when I run by myself. I chose to take that positive step and walk out the door. While running, I thought 3 laps around the neighborhood would be good. But, I realized that THE BEAST was talking again and I needed to shut him up here and now! I did 4 laps which gave me 5 miles for the workout.

After my shower, it was time to deal with breakfast. Now, the candy abounds in my house right now and my dh was getting doughnuts for breakfast. I chose to have a healthy and balanced breakfast of an egg white sandwich.

These examples may not sound like much but I'm going to put many of these small steps together and end up with huge strides! Even the Sermon at church rung true with me this morning. Father Bob made the statement: "We are all broken sinners and on our worst day we choose the things that make us comfortable." That is exactly what I've been doing with myself. Change is uncomfortable and instead of putting myself in uncomfortable situations I've chosen to give into THE BEAST.

So, this brings me to my:
PWE2 Challenge

For those that don't know, PWE2 ( the 2 means squared) stands for: "Pursue a Worthy Endeavor - Persist Without Exception" and was thought up by David Greenwalt, creator of The Leanness Lifestyle. My worthy endeavor is ME! As of today, I weigh 149.5 pounds and have a body fat of 32.7% (as per a 1 site measurement). I also took circumference measurements which I will post later. So, over the next 6 weeks (Nov. 2 - Dec. 13) I plan on losing 10 pounds of ugly and unwanted fat. Will this be uncomfortable? YOU BET! Am I up for the challenge? YOU BET! I am also going to attempt to make regular updates here so feel free to send a butt-kick or an ata-girl if you get a chance.

Remember, you have the power to choose what path you take. Make it a good one!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween is over!


Being a preschool teacher makes Halloween a very stressful time. Many of the 2 and 3 year old kids don't deal well with all the hub-bub and it creates a lot of stress at school. My kids deal well with Halloween - unfortunately(LOL)!

My kids went out and came back with an unbelievable amount of candy! Now I have to deal with trying to stay away from it. Before I get any further into this entry I want to add pics of my kids in their costume:

My daughter's nose actually made a roaring noise when you pushed the nose. My son wasn't so sure about the shoulder pads at first but once he got them on, he thought he was the coolest thing around!

I'm still struggling with my eating, it's very hard to get back on track once you've jumped off the wagon. Now with the candy in the house, it is all that much harder. I have been slowly adding miles back into my week and next week we will be running 3 days during the week and on the weekend. I'm also planning on getting back into my lifting routine this week. My goal is to lift twice a week an if I can get the third day in I'll be thrilled. It has just been difficult finding the time in the afternoon to get the session in on Wednesdays.

I'm still struggling with my family and church but regardless of how it works out, I know it is out of my hands. It is also a situation that probably won't be resolved any time soon. I'll just keep praying and asking them to come.