Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween is over!


Being a preschool teacher makes Halloween a very stressful time. Many of the 2 and 3 year old kids don't deal well with all the hub-bub and it creates a lot of stress at school. My kids deal well with Halloween - unfortunately(LOL)!

My kids went out and came back with an unbelievable amount of candy! Now I have to deal with trying to stay away from it. Before I get any further into this entry I want to add pics of my kids in their costume:

My daughter's nose actually made a roaring noise when you pushed the nose. My son wasn't so sure about the shoulder pads at first but once he got them on, he thought he was the coolest thing around!

I'm still struggling with my eating, it's very hard to get back on track once you've jumped off the wagon. Now with the candy in the house, it is all that much harder. I have been slowly adding miles back into my week and next week we will be running 3 days during the week and on the weekend. I'm also planning on getting back into my lifting routine this week. My goal is to lift twice a week an if I can get the third day in I'll be thrilled. It has just been difficult finding the time in the afternoon to get the session in on Wednesdays.

I'm still struggling with my family and church but regardless of how it works out, I know it is out of my hands. It is also a situation that probably won't be resolved any time soon. I'll just keep praying and asking them to come.

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