Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saturday 3/31/07

I had a great 6 miler this morning. The weather was cold but not bitter and windy. I don't mind running when it is cold but I hate running in the wind! The best part was the beautiful sunrise I was able to witness. Words can't really express (at least not mine) how beautiful it was. I happened to pass a gentleman, coming toward me, right after I really noticed how pretty it was. He was just starring at it too.

I was also pleased with the effort of the run. I started out using the run 9 min/walk 1 min technique but then finished the last couple miles just running. My pace ended up being about 8:50/mile for the 6 miles - even with the walking bouts.

Then I ended up spending about 1.5 hours helping clean up one of the local baseball fields. My kids Tball league was having a field clean-up day. I worked my butt off this morning - I have the blisters to show for it. I ended up eating too much as a result (I felt super hungry all day long) so I will definitely have to buckle down this week.

I set a goal, at Club Lifestyle, of losing 6 pounds in 7 weeks so I have my plan all printed out. I need to sit down and create my specific meal plans but I'm feeling good about the direction I'm heading. There is a 10K I want to sign up for and I still need to pick my charity for my leverage but I definitely feel like I'm making progress.

Time to get ready for bed!

Friday, March 30, 2007

My computer has been tied up

I haven't been on as much as I would have liked because my hubby has been logging some major computer time in the evenings. He is downloading music onto our computer and it is taking a long time to complete the job.

Even though I haven't been on, I've been doing pretty well this week. I've completed all my workouts and have even been able to start back with a little bit of lifting. My eating has also been a bit better the past couple of days. I've decided on a pretty good leverage: I'm going to write a check, about the cost of my marathon registration (I can't seem to find exactly how much the registration is going to be so I'm guessing), and if I don't make my weight loss goal a friend will send the check to charity. If I make the goal she will send the check back and I will have the money for the race. If I don't make it I will basically be paying double just to run in the race. I also need to decide on a charity - preferably one that I don't particularly like so that I will be more focused on reaching my goal!

Tomorrow is my long run for the week (6 miles). Today was supposed to be an off day by my son wanted to go on a hike so the whole family went out to the trails in a local park and walked/hiked for just under an hour. I'm really proud of how well the kids did. We went up a couple of really steep hills and they buckled down and made it up with just a little bit of help. It was really cool to watch them be so determined to get up the hill!

Speaking of the kids - time to get them to bed!

Monday, March 26, 2007

I think I added a ticker

I just added in the code for a ticker at the top of my blog and I'm hoping that after I post this message it will still be there.

Here it goes!

OK, it was still there so it works - YEAH! I wish I could center it on the page but I'm not going to worry about that. It was too hard to figure out how to get it there in the first place.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday 3/25

I had a really good run this morning. I went 6 miles and my pace was around 9:25 /mile. I'm using a run - walk technique on my long runs. My friend Katrina uses it and we are planning on using this technique when we run our marathon. We want to run it together so I'm trying to get used to the technique. We are using a ratio of 9 minutes of running to 1 minute of walking. It is somewhat hard to adjust to the slower paces but I have a feeling it will be better for my legs in the long run. I've decided that I'm not going to use it for any runs shorter than 5 miles.

Nutrition has yet again been a struggle today. I can't figure out why I'm having such a hard time staying away from the CRAP! But, tomorrow is another day and I will continue to strive for a better day.

If there is anyone out there who actually reads my blog & knows computer "stuff", I have a question for you. I would like to add a chart to my sidebar where I can update my running mileage. I think it would be cool to watch my mileage change over the course of a year. However, I can't figure out how to get one on the sidebar. Also, I never know where to add things in the code so that it doesn't mess up the rest of the screen. Any help would be appreciated!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Trying to be more consistent - with everything!

As the title suggests, I'm going to try and write more consistently and stick to my program more consistently too. If there are any regular readers out there, please feel free to check up on me and demand regular check-ins. I love the accountability!!

This morning didn't really start the way I had planned - I forgot to set my alarm so I woke up about 45 min. later than I had planned. I had decided, last night, that I would do my Drill Max DVD instead of my bike so when I got up I went down and did my workout. I finished about 50 minutes of the DVD before my son and husband came downstairs. I had originally wanted to get 60 minutes completed but I didn't think it was fair to them to have to sit there and watch me exercise to a DVD.

This particular workout combines cardio and some weight training. It was the first weight training I had done in a while because of my arm. So far it feels pretty good so I'm really hoping that I will be able to get back into my lifting soon. The arm is not completely healed - still have some discomfort on and off - but I'm encouraged by the progress.

I've been trying some new supplements lately - by BSN and they taste very good! I've been using the NO-XPLODE (not sure how much of an effect it makes). It is a pre-workout energy igniter and the literature states that you will feel the energy and the focus is about 30 minutes. However, most of the time I don't really feel much change. Not sure if I need a bigger dose or if it just doesn't work for me. I'm not usually affected much by things like caffeine so there is a good possibility that it just won't do much for me. However, the product I'm most excited about is their protein powder Syntha-6. Yesterday I tasted the Vanilla Ice Cream flavor and it was out of this world! I also have sample packets of Chocolate and Strawberry and am very excited to give them a try. I'm also hoping that they make variety packs of these but I have a feeling they don't. If they don't, I have quite a bit of protein powder to finish up before I get anymore. However, when I do finish them I will definitely get some of the BSN flavors.

Nutrition has been my biggest problem. I've been making my plans but not sticking to them. I have been munching during the afternoons and that needs to stop. It hasn't been bad food but the volume ends up being too much and I'm not losing any weight. I've actually been staying pretty consistent at about 138. I need to really try and get serious and get myself down to 135. Hopefully, I will then be able to maintain that weight - I think I will feel better there. I know 3 pounds doesn't sound like much but it can make a difference in my clothes.

Time to get the day started.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Last night was a great run!

Jen Rhines

Yesterday morning was not a good morning energy-wise. I felt exhausted so I decided to not go out and exercise. In some ways, I think it was a big mistake I agree with Coach David when he says that if you just don't feel like exercising you should probably go anyway - you'll feel better afterwards. But on the other hand, I think it is also important to listen to your body. It can make for a rough inward dialog!

Anyway, I knew that I needed to make a point of getting out for a run. I'm looking to run in a 10K next month and then my normal 15K and hopefully the Marine Corp Marathon in October (hopefully some others over the summer as well). I've been doing a lot of bike training and need to start getting some miles on my legs. Well, after letting dinner settle, I got myself out on the road and felt really good. I ran my scheduled 3 miles at a pace of just over 8 min/mile.

I've also started my strengthening exercises for my arm. It was a bit sore yesterday but feeling pretty good today. I called the MD to get a refill on my Naproxen prescription just to make sure that I totally wipe this thing out. I'm hoping that I will be able to start some really lifting next week. I will start light and work my way up.

Today has been OK - it is a cross training day so I did just under 30 minutes of Taebo this morning and will get on my bike a bit later today. Eating has been OK so far today too. This is the area that I've been struggling the most with. My body really wants to stay at my current weight - about 138. I'm trying to decide whether I want to stay here for awhile or whether I want to push my way through to 130-135 and then try and stay there.

I'll try and update later on how my 2nd workout went.
Well the evening completely got away from me. I ended up finishing up my homework instead of getting my 2nd exercise session completed. To be honest, I'm not sure where my priority lies with those two choices. I am learning a great deal with my class and I need to have the credits for my job (so I need to do well). The problem is, there is a lot of homework involved with the class - lots of reading a writing article reviews and observing children in different situations with write-ups. It isn't really "hard" work but it is time consuming and right now we are in the meatiest section of the course - Child Development. I'm not happy that I didn't get the extra workout in but I'm content with my decision. Tomorrow's workout will depend on the weather. If it is not raining, I'm going for a 6 mile run. If it is raining I will do a 60 minutes Cross on my bike.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


The title is perfect for not only my posting but also for my fitness program. I have been dropping lots of bucks to my hubby because I haven't been following my program. For every goal I don't check off. on my LL list, I owe my hubby $5. There is a bunch of dollars not going into my savings fund because of my inconsistent performances. I really wish I could put my finger on the reasons for my problems. I've been struggling with them for quite some time now. A couple of times I thought I had it all figured out only to find myself struggling again in less than a week. But, as I posted before, I will never give up so if you look at the big picture I'm ahead of the game. Now all I have to do is get the smaller picture in better focus.

The positive for today has been my workout. I was supposed to run 5 miles today but we had a descent ice storm yesterday so the roads were a mess. I decided to sleep in a bit (I slept until 7am and I can't remember the last time I stayed in bed that late - it felt GREAT! I think I needed it.) and then did a bike workout in the afternoon. I really busted my butt for 55 awesome minutes. It also appears that the roads have cleared enough for me to run tomorrow morning before church. I may have to do a lot of little loops in my neighborhood but I need to start getting those miles in on my legs. My cardiovascular conditioning is pretty good (at the MD's the other day my heart rate was 56 bpm) but I need to get my legs used to the pounding of running.

My friend Katrina runs her 1/2 marathon tomorrow and I can't wait to hear how she does. We are planning on signing up for the Marine Corp Marathon in the fall so she has a great base under her already. I know I wouldn't be able to cover that distance right now. However, I can usually get up to speed relatively quickly if I can get out on the roads consistently - I am SO ready for the weather to get warmer and stay warmer!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Maybe in some small way I'm being rewarded for my efforts today. It appears that the car had a battery problem. The tow truck driver got the car started and told my husband that the problem was most likely a dead battery - no guarantees mind you. Nevertheless, my husband put in a new battery and it started like a dream. Now let's all keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way!

I'm on my LAST nerve!!

I'm really trying to be good and not turn to food like I usually do when I'm stressed - so I'm writing instead. It all started (well maybe not "all") first thing this morning. I got up about 4:45am so that I could wake up a bit and then go out for a run. Well, at about 5:10am my 4 year old son comes walking down the steps. Needless to say, I wasn't able to get out for my run first thing. That wasn't too bad because I just went a bit later when my husband got up. The bad part is that my son's behavior is awful when he doesn't get enough sleep - everything is a major catastrophe and tears flow at the drop of a hat. After a while it REALLY grates on your nerves!
Then, just as we were leaving the local fire station (picking up new batteries - don't forget to change your smoke detector batteries and your clocks) the van decides to just stop working. It is some sort of electrical problem but it just isn't something I want/need to deal with right now. My husband is trying to figure it out right now but my gut is telling me I'm going to be without a car for a while. Not having a car would be a major problem come Monday! The car has acted funny the past week or so, so I guess it is our own fault but the problems were with things like the windows. One of the power windows wouldn't work and then all of a sudden it worked. I thought it was a motor problem in the door at first but now that this has happened I'm thinking the problems are related.
Then, after running home to get the other car (got me some extra exercise - I guess that is a plus) we got home and my son had yet another meltdown and got sent to his room. Then, not 5 minutes after I let him out of his room he has another one. I try to keep telling myself that it is because he is tired and because he is 4 years old. But, it isn't making it any easier to deal with!!
Well, I guess this has helped a bit. I'm still very frustrated but I don't I'm going to raid the frig. Plus, "my Flyers" just scored a shorthanded goal to go up 3-1 over the Boston Bruins. I just wish the Flyers were having a better year!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm Famous!

Not really but a friend of mine interviewed me for her husband's fitness website. I thought it turned out pretty well. Hopefully, I don't come off as too much of a dork - but even if I do it is who I am and I'm proud of me!

Hope you enjoy the article and even get some useful information from it. By the way, the website is pretty new but I know they are working very hard to get some really great info on it. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Just a quick note

I finally got out for a run this morning. I added some fast paced walking and was able to get out there for about 50 minutes. It felt good to be out and running again. I am going to look up some 10K training programs and go for it.

My eating has been great today. I've had 4 of my 6 meals and they have all been according to plan.

I don't plan on owing my husband any money again today!!


Saturday, March 03, 2007

Today has been great so far!

I had some eye openers today. The first one happened while I was watching "Handy Manny" with my son (that's a TV show by the way). The show was talking about making mistakes. I realised that was what was going on in my fitness plan - I was making LOTS of mistakes. However, one positive thing about the situation is that I'm not giving up in any way shape or form. The other positive point is that I am trying to learn from this time in my life. I know that if I just keep working at it I WILL reach my goals. It may not happen tomorrow but it will happen!

The other eye opener was when I put my jeans on today. They were a pair that not too long ago were quite loose but not anymore. They were tight everywhere - the waist, the seat and the thighs. I really hated that feeling. Right now I'm at 140 and I need to be between 130 & 135! The really funny thing is that even though I knew what the scale said, I kept telling myself that 5 pounds isn't that big a deal and yes, a couple of outfits were a bit more snug than they used to be, I still look good in my clothes and I'm probably a lot better off than most of the population. WHAT STINKIN' THINKIN'!!!! I'm heavier than I should be or want to be and I need to make some changes and make them NOW!!

I had an awesome Cardio Coach workout (vol. 6 is great)! It lasted about 50 minutes and it was really challenging. I've also got a leverage system working thanks to Allie over at LL. I'm using my checklist and for every item that I don't mark off at the end of the day, I will give my husband $5. That can become VERY expensive if I don't follow through. I'm also trying to save for a special present for myself and every dollar that goes to him doesn't make it into my savings fund. I love this for a couple of reasons: 1. The leverage is a daily event and not something that I can skip today with the thought "I'll make it up tomorrow" & 2. It is taking me further away from something I really want. Something that I want badly enough that I've started to save a year in advance for it! I am going to use this leverage system until the end of March and see where it takes me - if all goes well and it is a system that works for me I may very well continue it!

My nutrition has also been great today. I've stuck to my plan without fail and haven't had any "cheats". I've even decided to forgo my usual "splurge dessert" because I've had way too many splurges this week as it is. Also, by skipping the splurge, I will make sure that I complete all my checkoffs for the day.

I downloaded some more music today and I want to go out and try it. It was a podrunner podcast and he puts together mixes according to heart rate. I actually got 2 downloads at different speeds and want to try out each both while I'm walking or running and also on the bike. I figure if I can supplement my main workout with the podrunner material it will only help my cause.

One bad thing is that I think I've developed some tendinitis in my right elbow. It has really been bothering me lately. I'm going to take the week off from lifting and see how it feels. The world can't be all roses - right?!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Boy has it been a long time!

I have had the darnedest time finding the time to get everything I like to do done! As a result, my blog has been neglected lately. It's funny, not too long ago I seemed to be able to get everything I wanted to do done. I was exercising (many times multiple sessions), taking care of the family, doing my prep work for school and doing a little bit of house cleaning (notice I said a LITTLE bit - I really don't like to clean the house so it's always last - LOL). Even with all that, I was still able to keep up to date with my LL logs and keep my blog up to date. Now, I'm struggling with most of that list.

I have been trying to evaluate why things are the way they are and I don't seem to be getting anywhere with it. I feel like I should be able to just flip that switch and get back on track but it isn't turning out to be that easy. My main focus today was to make sure I got in a good workout first thing this morning and I accomplished that! I did 30 minutes of Drill Max. I wanted to try and get a bit more in later but the day didn't work out that way - lots of errands to get done. I am happy with that part of my day though. My goal was to get the workout in early and I did that. Food was so-so, mostly because I forgot to bring both my snack and my lunch to work. I really could have kicked myself!

Tomorrow is another day and I will again make a goal of exercising first thing in the morning. If the weather is nice I will be trying to get out for a run. It has been a long time since I've been on a run, mostly because of bad weather. If the weather doesn't cooperate I will do Vol. 6 of Cardio Coach on my bike.