Friday, March 30, 2007

My computer has been tied up

I haven't been on as much as I would have liked because my hubby has been logging some major computer time in the evenings. He is downloading music onto our computer and it is taking a long time to complete the job.

Even though I haven't been on, I've been doing pretty well this week. I've completed all my workouts and have even been able to start back with a little bit of lifting. My eating has also been a bit better the past couple of days. I've decided on a pretty good leverage: I'm going to write a check, about the cost of my marathon registration (I can't seem to find exactly how much the registration is going to be so I'm guessing), and if I don't make my weight loss goal a friend will send the check to charity. If I make the goal she will send the check back and I will have the money for the race. If I don't make it I will basically be paying double just to run in the race. I also need to decide on a charity - preferably one that I don't particularly like so that I will be more focused on reaching my goal!

Tomorrow is my long run for the week (6 miles). Today was supposed to be an off day by my son wanted to go on a hike so the whole family went out to the trails in a local park and walked/hiked for just under an hour. I'm really proud of how well the kids did. We went up a couple of really steep hills and they buckled down and made it up with just a little bit of help. It was really cool to watch them be so determined to get up the hill!

Speaking of the kids - time to get them to bed!

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