Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25, 2009

Usually when I've not been blogging it is because I haven't been following my plan - not this time! This is especially significant because there has been a fair amount of stress around here the past few days. We found out on Thursday that my husband's truck needs a new engine and it is going to cost a boat load of money! This on top of the already strained finances and it has been a rough go lately.

The good news - I have not allowed it to spiral out of control and into an eating frenzy! I have even dropped my weight down to 154 as of this morning which, I believe, is 2 pounds ahead of schedule. I haven't been perfect but I've been pretty darn good and I've kept up my exercise. I'm finding it difficult to do a lot of lifting (especially intense lifting) because of my neck - the tightness and soreness just isn't going away - so I've improvised. I've been doing my lower body exercises on the Bosu ball. That way I can keep my weights lighter but I'm adding a significant balance element (or lack of balance element). For my upper body I've just been keeping my weights light and my reps higher.

I may not be able to get my measurements done in the morning but I want to get them taken sometime tomorrow. One thought I've been tossing around for the measurements is to take them on Fridays. I don't run on Friday and it might be easier to go that route - something to think about! I have lots of work to get done so I'm signing off!

Honor Yourself!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20, 2009

It is almost 1 pm and the day has been going great! I got out for a VERY cold run this morning. I had hoped for 6 miles but settled for a little over 5 because it was so cold.

I have also vowed to myself that I will keep to my planned meals perfectly today. I inputted my meal plan last night and printed it out and so far I'm 100% on track. This is something that I'm not sure I've actually ever accomplished here at LL. I tend to make small changes here and small changes there and then if you honestly look back on the day, much of the plan was thrown out the window.

It is now almost 8 pm and I've done well today! I did have to change one meal because I didn't budget my time well this afternoon. The good part was that I exchanged it with a healthy alternative (protein smoothie for protein pancakes). I have one more meal and then I'm done for the day. I'm looking forward to seeing downward movement on the scale in the morning!

Off to plan tomorrow's meals!

Honor yourself.

Monday, January 19, 2009

January 19, 2009

No school today because of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday! It's nice to be able to get on and feel like I have ample time to scan my favorite blogs and get an entry in!

Yesterday was a really crazy day - I slept a lot! I actually slept until 7 am, which is really late for me but then I fell back asleep and got up at 8:30! I went down and ate breakfast and the kids started playing MarioKart. I didn't want to watch it so I went upstairs to watch something I wanted and wouldn't you know it, I fell back asleep and slept for another hour and a half. That is really NOT like me but since I'm fighting a cold, I just let it happen. I guess my body needed it!

However, today has been different! I woke up at 4 am and met my friends for a run. I was looking forward to the hilly loop we usually do on Mondays. However, some new friends showed up and were up for that course so we ran another one which is about 5.5 miles long with one medium hill. I think we will probably do the hilly course tomorrow. Then I came home and did some light resistance training and ab work on the BOSU ball. I'm afraid to do much heavy "stuff" because of my neck - the spasm is still hanging around and I don't want to make it worse!!!!!!!!

I've been doing OK with my weight loss. I've averaged about 1 pound loss per week which is my goal but I would love to get ahead of the game! I am the reason - I've not always been great on my meal plans. I take full responsibility because I am in control of my choices and my emotions. I eat nutritious food to fuel my body and to keep myself healthy and energetic! Here's to the power of positive self-talk! Today has been good so far and it will soon be time for my next meal which will consist of protein packed pancakes (leftover from yesterday).

My neck is starting to bother me so I'm going to get in the shower and let the hot water loosen up the muscles. Have a great day and stay true to your goals and yourself!

Honor Yourself

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 13, 2009 & Jan. 14th

I'm kind of viewing today as a Day 1 of sorts. I really felt like I had a different attitude and in this situation, different is GOOD!

I have done much better with my eating today and I accomplished my workout goal of running 6 miles this morning. I was also able to get in 10 minutes of resistance training. I know it isn't much but it is more than I've done in a while and I'm viewing it as a step in the right direction.

I started this post yesterday but my hubby turned off the computer so I'm combining these 2 days. Today has not been a great day because I woke up with a bad neck spasm. When I get these there is no way I can exercise (yawning hurts!). I've been taking Advil and I've had on a heat patch all day. I am really hoping that it will subside enough by tomorrow that I'll be able to meet the others for our run.

Neck hurts sitting in the chair so I'm done!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Good and Bad

I fell into the trap again! My eating has not been good since the last post so what do I do? I stay away!! Sure, I've been busy but who isn't - and, at least for me, it's an excuse and a bull-crap one at that. One of my goals for today was to post so here I am.

I took my measurements this morning and they are not good:

Weight: 157.5
BF %: 34.8%
Upper Chest 37.5 in
Chest: 39.75
Rib cage: 35
Waist: 39
Hips: 40
L. Thigh: 22
R. Thigh: 21.5
L. Calf: 14
R. Calf: 14

Just about every measurement went up and this is completely due to poor eating habits. I have continued to run most mornings. My lifting routine needs some work but that too is a work in progress.

Now some good: I came up what I think is a good leverage. I gave my boss my before pics (workout shorts and sports bra) in a sealed envelope and if I don't make my goal (147# by 3/30) she is to post them on our school bulletin board. So far, I'm on target although I know that I could be well ahead of the game if I stayed more strict with my eating. I continue to work at changing my overall eating habits so that it becomes a lifestyle and not a "diet".

More good news: I ran my first race of the year yesterday. It was the Icycle 10 Miler. My initial goal was to run it in 1:20:00 but since I had gained weight (instead of loosing it) I decided to alter my race expectations. I decided that 1:30:00 (9:00/mile) would be a good challenge to shoot for. Most of our training runs were no faster than 9:30 pace so dropping 30 seconds sounded like a good goal. The day was very cold and at times there was a strong wind. The course is also a very hilly course so there was a big challenge to be had. I ran with my friend Helenann and we were able to finish in 1:24:22 which is a pace of 8:17/mile. Needless to say, I am THRILLED with the time!

I'm looking forward to what will come next - I took the day off today (except for teaching my gym classes) but I'm looking forward to my run tomorrow. I think we are shooting for one of our hilly routes which will be a challenge this soon after the race but I know it is what I need. If the group wants to start going a bit faster I'm all for that too!

Until next time!