Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Completed my first 20 Miler!

I ran my first 20 mile training run last weekend and it went really well! I didn't get nearly as sore as I thought I would. My biggest problem is that the run coincide with the start of school and all the germs that come along with that. Ally started at a new school and Will and I started back up with out classes so I've caught a bug and can't seem to shake it. Luckily, I don't feel bad I'm just really congested and the dripping is driving me nuts. I feel like I have a constant tickle in the back of my throat. Because of the long run and the cold I actually took a number of days off so that my body would be better able to fight off the cold - that's my hope anyway!

I've also been finding it very hard to keep up with all my computer duties. I know I'm falling behind on my Bible study and I really need to get my answers typed into our other blog. Julie - I haven't forgotten you I'm just finding it difficult to juggle all the new responsibilities. I've also started taking a night class (I need it for work) and it will become 2 nights a week very shortly.

The kids have started their soccer season. They both played their first games last Saturday and both had a really good time. Ally told me after her game that she felt very lost (they only had 1 practice before their first game) but had a great time! She is on an 8 and under team and they used officials, throw-ins and corner kicks but it was on a small field. These were all things that were not covered in their one and only practice so I wasn't surprised she had no idea what was going on. As long as she has fun though I don't care. I didn't get to see much of Will's game because I took Ally down to her field while he was still playing but he also said he had fun. I think we made a good decision signing them up with Kirkwood Soccer. Everyone we have met seems to be great with the kids and really seem to care about the kids learning about the game and having fun. They are not focused on whether they win or lose and that is what I want for my kids at this age.

Time to go get Ally from the bus. Keep on runnin'!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

First Week of School and Other Stuff

Ally started 1st grade this week. She was really excited about going to a new school and riding on the bus. Honestly though, when it came to getting on the bus I wasn't sure how excited she would actually be. I found out really quickly that she was REALLY excited. She left me standing there on the corner with no kiss, hug or good-bye given. She left so quickly that all I was able to get was that blurry bus picture. Not that anyone would know it but Ally is actually waving from behind the second window.
She had a great time this week! By Thursday she was wiped out though. I was really glad that everyone was off on Friday because she was able to get a great night sleep and it made a world of difference!
Will had his first soccer practice on Wednesday and it went GREAT! I really like the coach - he was great with the kids and he realizes that much past 30 minutes and the kids are toast so he stops his practices at 30 minutes. We will be having practices for him on Fridays and then the games on Saturdays. We were also able to pick up Will's uniform and he wore it for 2 straight days. He actually put on the whole uniform and went out in the back yard to play soccer - it was really cute! We haven't heard anything from Ally's coach and I hope we do soon because she is chomping at the bit to get going.

I've had a really good week running too. We ran a nice paced 8 miler on Tuesday (9:24 m/m) and then today we ran an awesome 17 miler (10:15 m/m). We couldn't believe we did so well this morning, it really felt like we were flying considering we were running 17 miles! Tomorrow I'll be running the trails with Lori for a nice hard 7 miles. The trails have been an awesome addition to my training! The surroundings make the run very interesting (especially looking for deer out in the open fields) and the hills give us an awesome workout.
We had to put our van in the shop again for a window problem. This is the 5th time we've had it in for the same problem. They can't seem to figure out what the actually problem is. The last time it was "fixed" it worked for about a week and then stopped again. The "good" part (at least for the kids) is that they gave us a loner truck for the weekend. It is an F250 Super Duty and handles pretty well. The kids have already been crawling all around in it!
Well, I guess that's it for now. Have a great weekend and Keep on Runnin'!