Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Face of My Beast

This is a picture that I found and decided to use as the Face of My Beast. I've made copies and am going to post them in areas that I might go trolling for food. I will also carry one with me in the car. The whole Devil thing has it's own connotation to it and the huge belly in this picture captures how I feel right now. I know I'm making positive changes but the feelings are still there right now.

I will fight this Beast and I WILL WIN!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Things continue to go well - 5/26/09

My weight has been steadily dropping because I've been eating right and I've been exercising (both weights and aerobics). I've been loving my Flex 4 lifting workouts. They are short but intense so it is very easy to work it into my schedule.

As I said, my weight has been dropping, I'm down to 152#. The only part that is a little frustrating is the Club Bucks program at LL. I can't remember if I've mentioned them before but you gain points by working the program correctly. It goes into a lot of detail that I won't discuss here but the better the follow the program, the more points you earn. They begin over every Tuesday morning. Well, last week I was the leader in points until Sunday and then all of a sudden there were 2 people ahead of me (tied with each other with about 3 points more than me). Now, I know I did really well but I'm kind of frustrated because I don't know what more I could have done and I'm wondering if there are just weeks when you won't be able to win ( because you aren't reaching a goal at that particular moment).

Nevertheless, I will be working my hardest to be on top of that list!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today has gone well 5/21/09

I'm very pleased with the way the past couple of days have gone. My eating has been better and I've been doing well with my exercise. I recently purchased the Flex 4 workout series from Muscle Audio and it is really helping with my resistance training sessions - I'm actually doing them! LOL!!

Seriously though, the audio helps keep you on tempo and works with a program at LL called the Muscle Professor (MP). The MP takes your lifting weights and progresses your weights and reps so that you can make steady gains and not just lift the same weights for the same reps for month after month after month.

Today I ran 4 miles and since it only took 35 to 40 minutes I decided to make sure I did another 20 minutes on my bike. It took me until 7:30 this evening to get on my bike but I did it!

On a different note, my "baby" graduates from Kindergarten tomorrow. I use the word graduates because he is actually leaving his current school. For the past 4 years, my son has been going to school where I work. Starting next fall, I will no longer have a child coming with me to school - it is going to be strange!

Off to make my plan for tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here We Go Again!

I am yet again finding that I have been away for a very long time. I've been through a lot of weight gain (getting up to 160#) and illnesses. The last illness was a very strange one - I think it may have been Fifth Disease which manifested itself as an extremely itchy rash and sore and swollen joints.

Thankfully, that has cleared up and my weight is on its way downward. I've learned that when I'm not active on LL, I gain weight very easily. When I'm active on the LL site thinks really tend to fall into place. It is never easy and I'm not sure it ever will be, but things at least make sense. The other nice thing is that school is almost over so I'll have more training time and hopefully I'll be able to get the kids out on some trails and then hit the pool. I'm really looking forward to it - the kids are becoming more independent and I'm hoping this will make this summer a bit more relaxing (especially at the pool).

I'm still, as always, trying to figure out my "WHY". I know part of it is that I just don't feel good where I am right now. However, I've felt this way for quite some time and it has never been a driving force for me. I've read, and listened to Coach David, about how a good strong WHY just drives you to your destination. I makes you find solutions instead of giving in to those bouts of emotional eating and truthfully I would love to have that feeling. I know that no one can give me the answers about my WHY because it is just that - MY why. So as I figure it out, I will post it here. Until then, I will just keep taking things one day at a time.