Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4/14/09 - Trail running in the rain???

NOPE - we chickened out! However, it did allow me to do something that I haven't done in a very long time. I actually worked out in a gym. My friend took me into her gym as a guest and I completed 1 hour on the elliptical machine. It was hard and boy did I sweat like a pig! I tried lots of different resistances and elevations. I have a feeling my butt is going to be quite sore tomorrow!

It was a lot of fun but I'm hoping to get back out to the trails in the next couple of days. I'm not sure what tomorrow's weather will bring - some reports are calling for rain and some aren't. My friends are running in the morning but if it isn't raining in the afternoon I may try to get out on some different trails on my own. Thursday is supposed to be nice and a group of us are going to try and get out in the early am for about 7 miles (I hope!).

I also got my lifting completed for the day and will do different body parts tomorrow. I was supposed to lift yesterday but I messed up my timing over the course of the day.

Eating has been only OK today. I need to get to the farmer's market and make some more bars so that I have my supply ready and on hand.

Different topic - my daughter has been having trouble seeing the board at school recently. I think she may be nearsighted. I called the eye doctor and he was booked until the end of June! The guy is good and his schedule reflects as much. My son when to him for a different situation a couple of years ago and he is wonderful. Luckily, the receptionist wiggled us in for an appointment tomorrow. The "bad" thing is that the kids are supposed to be spending some time with their grandparents and I sort of feel bad about taking them away. The "good" things are that my parents were going to be in the area tomorrow anyway AND that I get a chance to get her in right away. She reads so much, and loves to do so, that I would hate to having something seriously wrong.

Update more tomorrow!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I had an awesome run this morning!!!

My friend and I ran a new route (for me anyway). There were lots of hills and we covered 7.5 miles in about 1:15. I still have to get my lifting finished but I'm pleased with the way things have gone today. My eating has been good although I need to get some more water.

I have a dentist appointment (along with the kids) tomorrow. The last 2 haven't been great so of course I'm starting to worry about this one. I don't feel like I changed my habits but I went from no cavities for about 12 years to having one and then having a filling messed up. The filling was actually the one I had done the visit before and something didn't take so, in reality, I didn't really have anything "wrong" the last visit but I still had to go back for filling work. Just doesn't sit well with me! The kids don't have any cavities so they are looking forward to the visit. They only know that they get "presents" (toothbrush and stickers) when they go - I hope it stays that way!!!

Off to finish my exercising and get dinner started!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Things worked out pretty well this morning. For the past few days they have been calling for rain on both Friday and Saturday. Yesterday ended up being beautiful for a good portion of the day. I woke up this morning hoping that the rain would hold off long enough to get our run in. I was quite please to find no rain when I got up so my friend and I headed off for our run. We had finished about 4 miles when we felt the first rain drop. We decided we would go for about 6 miles. Unfortunately for us, the last 1.5 miles was finished in a pretty heavy rain and stiff wind. The 6 miles took us about an hour and I am very pleased with the time and the effort!

This run put me at 34 miles for the week. I am thrilled with that effort. I was also able to finish 3 RT sessions. I will take tomorrow off (Easter Sunday) and then run and lift again on Monday. My weight was down to 153 this morning. Saturdays are always a challenge for my eating so my goal today is to avoid the donuts at breakfast and really concentrate on sticking to my plan.

Friday, April 10, 2009


It has been a few days since I've posted but things have been OK - not perfect but I feel like I have been taking more forward steps than backward ones.

I've consistently been getting 2-3 RT sessions in per week. This past week has been wonderful in terms of my running. I've gotten out for some trail runs - which was AWESOME - and logged 28 miles and haven't even done my long run for the week. It has felt so good to get back into the rhythm and to feel normal again.

I am slowly trying to get back into the nutritional rhythm. As I said above, it is happening slowly but I do feel like I can make more positive changes. I want this to become lifestyle and not a struggle. I'll be honest, there are times I really wonder whether that will EVER happen but that is all part of the challenge I guess.

As an update, I'm down to 153.5# and will try to update this stat regularly.

Have a Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, April 02, 2009


7:33 am

I am really encouraged by the way things are going this week. Since Monday, I've been able to get in 2 lifting sessions and 2 runs. In addition, my weight has dropped down 152.5! I'm under no illusion that it is fat weight but I'll take water weight drops as well as fat weight drops at this stage of the game!

I had a good run this morning - made my goal of running at least 5 miles. The weather is even getting a bit warmer so things are GOOD!

When I'm in Action Phase, NOTHING can or will stop me from reaching my goals!!

1:30 pm

I've been struggling with some cravings this afternoon but I've been able to stick to my plan. I've been trying to repeat the above statement any time I feel like I might be slipping. As I stated this morning, I've dropped a number of pounds over the past week which makes this a very dangerous time for me. I usually do really well for a couple of weeks and then I get complacent. This then leads to some extra nibbles here etc. All leading back to the fact that I haven't fully committed to the program.

When I'm in Action Phase, NOTHING can or will stop me from reaching my goals!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April 1. 2009

No April Fools Jokes here!

I am going to try to type short little bursts here because I find it difficult to sit for long periods and type entries (consistently at least). So, my hope is that I will consistently type entries if they are just short bursts.

7:15 am
I got up this morning at 4 am and was lifting by 4:45 am. It usually takes me a bit to get going enough to lift - I don't seem to have that problem with my running. Anyway, it was a good session (I'm doing the Afterburn program - 1st phase). I found myself quite light-headed at times and even nauseous a couple of times. I'm not sure if I should eat before I lift or not.

That's it for now - off to school.

8:38 pm
Today has been a very good day! Not perfect but that was not my goal. My nutrition was good today (couple extra things) and my mindset was pretty positive for most of the day. I was not able to get in any cardio but I am very pleased with how today progressed. I'm off to make some goals for tomorrow!