Saturday, April 11, 2009


Things worked out pretty well this morning. For the past few days they have been calling for rain on both Friday and Saturday. Yesterday ended up being beautiful for a good portion of the day. I woke up this morning hoping that the rain would hold off long enough to get our run in. I was quite please to find no rain when I got up so my friend and I headed off for our run. We had finished about 4 miles when we felt the first rain drop. We decided we would go for about 6 miles. Unfortunately for us, the last 1.5 miles was finished in a pretty heavy rain and stiff wind. The 6 miles took us about an hour and I am very pleased with the time and the effort!

This run put me at 34 miles for the week. I am thrilled with that effort. I was also able to finish 3 RT sessions. I will take tomorrow off (Easter Sunday) and then run and lift again on Monday. My weight was down to 153 this morning. Saturdays are always a challenge for my eating so my goal today is to avoid the donuts at breakfast and really concentrate on sticking to my plan.

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