Monday, April 13, 2009


I had an awesome run this morning!!!

My friend and I ran a new route (for me anyway). There were lots of hills and we covered 7.5 miles in about 1:15. I still have to get my lifting finished but I'm pleased with the way things have gone today. My eating has been good although I need to get some more water.

I have a dentist appointment (along with the kids) tomorrow. The last 2 haven't been great so of course I'm starting to worry about this one. I don't feel like I changed my habits but I went from no cavities for about 12 years to having one and then having a filling messed up. The filling was actually the one I had done the visit before and something didn't take so, in reality, I didn't really have anything "wrong" the last visit but I still had to go back for filling work. Just doesn't sit well with me! The kids don't have any cavities so they are looking forward to the visit. They only know that they get "presents" (toothbrush and stickers) when they go - I hope it stays that way!!!

Off to finish my exercising and get dinner started!

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