Wednesday, March 30, 2011

80 days - wow time is flying by!!

I can't believe how fast time is moving!

I am going to be real happy to get my new program started! I've missed the structure but yet it has been nice to do what my body was asking for. Tuesday I took as a rest day - I got up to exercise but fell back asleep downstairs. That is a sure sign that my body is tired!! Then this morning I got up and did the P90X Core Synergistics workout. I really enjoy that workout and I really noticed a difference. I was able to do exercises with better form and for longer periods of time. Some of the exercises, I couldn't even do the first time around!!

This has also been a pretty stressful week because of other family "things". My son's baseball team practiced Tuesday and Thursday last week and then Saturday through Tuesday. That is A LOT of baseball. Add to that the fact that I've been trying to get my daughter on another soccer team and the stress has been dripping from my pores. Well, baseball is taking a break until Saturday (opening day) and I finally got the soccer thing fixed. She will play with her team for the first time on Saturday which is also her opening day. Saturday is going to be one busy day!!

Tomorrow is going to be a run day! I'm looking forward to it - I'm not sure what everyone has planned so I'm going to just show up and go with the flow. I know some do a speed workout on the track and I may just give that a go - at least part of it. They have been building up for quite a while and I want to be smart about getting back into the flow. I'm not sure what I'll do on Friday. I was thinking about doing one of my yoga workouts and then I've got my long run on Saturday. Speaking of Saturdays, I may be keeping the mileage lower for a while because of the sports schedules. I need to look at it more closely and see how many early games we actually have.

Next week starts "The Hybrid" - I like that name, sounds ominous! The first month will be the P90X lifting sessions with running on the cardio days. I know I'm going to be sore next week and I'm actually looking forward to that! I know.....I'm crazy but I love that feeling. It was the one thing that I never really experienced with the Insanity workouts. They worked me really hard and I did a lot of push-ups and such but my muscles never really got sore. The first week will be a trial and error sort of week until I get my weights figured out. My perfect situation would be to find the weight that allows me lift 10-12 reps. I don't need to bulk but I don't want strict endurance either. I'm curious to see how differently I approach the workouts now that I've been through Insanity. I now know I can do so much more than I originally thought I could and I want to continue that through the lifting sessions as well.

I'm also hoping to send off my info and pictures to get my Insanity T-shirt. It will be a hoot to get that and wear it for the first time. I'm going to take a picture and post it!

Well I guess that's it for now. I have my evening routine to get started. Have a great night and Keep Pushin' Play!

Monday, March 28, 2011

82 Days and a crazy weekend!

Insanity is totally complete! I finished my Fit Test this morning and will have my pics taken later tonight. The Fit Test is below - for simplicity, I have only listed the initial value and the final value. I will, at times, comment on the different numbers/exercises. So, here it goes:

Switch Kicks: 69/72 I actually did better on this during my last test (83). However, I think I was actually getting my legs up higher this time so I'm pleased with this number.
Power Jacks: 62/65
Power Knees: 106/117 This exercise is the same as the switch kicks - I did better last time (124). I don't really have a reason - it just is what it is.
Power Jumps: 39/68 I am THRILLED with this one! This is by far the hardest one for me to do.
Globe Jumps: 11/12 This is an exercise where I move the whole time and just don't see how I could add more revolutions.
Suicide Jumps: 16/20 This was another hard one for me. When I first started the program, I couldn't even get my legs all the way back under me. I'm thrilled with this progress.
Push-up Jacks: 23/33 HUGE increase here! I am not only doing more reps but I'm going down farther as well.
Low Plank Oblique: 60/90 When I saw this number I wondered if I had counted wrong?! This program has greatly increased my core strength!!

I'm having real mixed emotions right now - I'm glad that Insanity is finished but I'm also sad that it is finished. I'm looking forward to different workouts and getting back out with my running buds but I'm going to miss the true butt kicking I got from this program. Until I did Insanity, I didn't know I could work that hard and that consistently. I have my hybrid that I will start next week (beginning with a month of P90X and running) but I'm already thinking about next winter and doing another strictly Insanity cycle. It gets/keeps you in awesome shape and you don't have to deal with the snow and ice (which we have had a lot of the past 2 winters). I think it is also a great way to shock the system.

Onto other matters! Baseball has started in earnest!!!! We are now in the middle of 5 straight days of baseball - I think this is a bit excessive for 8 & 9 year olds but it is what it is. Yesterday we were at a local school practicing. There are actually 2 baseball fields and a big open area that was hosting a soccer tournament. Then all of a sudden here comes a female deer bounding out of the woods. The poor girl was scared out of her mind and was just running here there and everywhere. Long story short....she broke through a school window and entered into the school. She didn't seem to be injured which was good but she couldn't get out of the school either. When we left, they were waiting for a janitor to come and open some doors to see if they could get her out without having to hurt her. I don't know how it turned out but I hope she is alive and running free in the woods!!!

Chip is really loving the baseball practices! We were at the same ball fields tonight and without the soccer tournament there was a lot of open fields for him to run in. I brought a tennis ball with us and we just played fetch the whole time. Well, not the whole time, he loves to chase birds and we let him chase a few out on the soccer fields. You could just tell that he was in his glory!!! It was also awesome exercise for him and he will be tired tomorrow which is a good thing!

Now if I could just find out what is going on with my daughter's soccer team. She was placed on a team that was a good 45 min. drive away from our house. They practice twice a week and the practices were supposed to start at 5:45 pm. There is no way that we would be able to make that especially with my son's baseball schedule. I've called the office 3 times and have spoken in person to someone else associated with the league. He said he would speak to the woman in charge today and see what he could do. I'm trying to be patient but opening day is supposed to be this Saturday! Can you say, RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!!!!!

I think I'm also overly sensitive this week because of all the commitments. My hubby is working OT so I'm the only one available to shuttle everyone around. It just adds extra stress to things. I'm snapping at things more than usual and I'm finding that I'm forgetting things/forgetting to do things. That then adds to the's a viscous cycle.

Here's to calming down and just going with the flow. When I'm peaceful I'm a better person and a better mom and wife. I don't like myself when I'm flying off the handle all the time and I have to just keep telling myself that I am in control of the way I react to things. I can't control what happens but I can control how I react to them when they happen. Food is not the answer....flipping out is not the answer. When things get tough I will take a deep breath and look at the situation again because it is often not really as bad as we originally think it is.

Here's to tomorrow!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Remember to keep an eye on the big picture!

I have a tendency to be a "I wish I was...." kind of person. What does that mean? I wish I was as fit as her; I wish I was as strong as her; I wish I was as organized as them; I wish I could run as fast as so and so......the list could go on and on. I found myself doing this with my Insanity workouts. Boy do I wish I was better at my push-ups: I wish I could go as fast as them; I wish I go do as many reps; I wish I could go as deep etc.

This is a very dangerous trap to get into. We can only be the best WE can be. As long as you are doing your best you should be proud. I tell my kids this all the time yet I don't follow it myself??? Interesting! That was one of the things about P90X that I loved the most - "Do Your Best And Forget The Rest!" It is a wonderful philosophy.

That brings me to the title of this post. I was reading a post on Facebook that talked about missing the lifting component of our workouts. Insanity is wonderful but it is fun to push those dumbbells around and I agreed with her when she said she was excited to get back to it. That post got me thinking about the different workouts and how I struggled with some of them...namely the push-ups in the chest workouts. I did a lot of the push-ups on my knees and it was a good workout. However, I got to thinking about how I would be able to do this time around. So, I got out that Chest/Back workout and tried it. My push-ups have improved immensely!!! There is one type of push-up called a Dive-Bomber which I really couldn't do very well at all. I did the modified version but even that wasn't with perfect form. Today, I did 4 perfectly and could have done more!!!

What does all this have to do with the title?!?!?!??!? I was so focused on the small picture: my day to day struggles that I wasn't looking at how much I had improved! I had lost sight of the Big Picture! I am in better shape than I was 60 days ago, I am more fit than I was 60 days ago, I am stronger than I was 60 days ago and I am WAY more healthy that I was when I started with P90X back in June!

I think we do this often in our fitness journeys! That is why taking measurements and pictures is so important especially when we have a lot of weight to lose. Periodic fitness tests are another great way to look at the big picture. Insanity has a Fit Test that you do every 2 weeks and to see just how much improvement you can make in just 2 short weeks is absolutely inspiring.

It is important to do in all aspects of our lives as well. We can get so could up in the day to day running around with our kids (or whatever) that we don't take the time to look around and enjoy. We complain about having to run them to sports practices but don't take the time to get excited that our kids are building a healthy foundation in their lives. We complain because the kids have a dance recital but don't take the time to see how beautiful and graceful they are becoming. Pick your complaint and then try to find the positive! It's a healthier way to live! It's a happier way to live!

Keep an eye on the big picture! Be happy! Be healthy! Be a great role model to everyone around you!!

85 Days

I was really tired this morning - seems to be a trend lately. I'm seriously thinking about taking some days off next week (recovery week) and actually sleeping in. Today was also supposed to be a low calorie day but I decided against it. Last night, while at my son's baseball practice, I started to get a scratchy thought and some dripping (not going into anymore detail) and I didn't think that dropping my calories was not what I needed right now.

I did however get my workout done this morning. I have 1 more day of Insanity left. It is scheduled as Max Cardio Conditioning/Cardio Abs and the Fit Test. Since I've been so tired lately, I think I'm actually going to just do the Fit Test on Sunday. Then I may take Monday and Tuesday off completely. These are also days that I teach my gym classes as school so it won't be completely devoid of exercise. Then on Wednesday I may do one of the recovery workout, Thursday will be a run day and I'm thinking maybe a yoga day on Friday. That will bring me to my long run on Saturday and my hybrid starts on Monday. I'm leaving next week kind of in limbo - I have the above outlined plan in my head but I'm also leaving it open to change if necessary.

I also have a confession to make. I gave into the temptation of a burger and fries for today's lunch. I was out running errands and it took longer than I expected so I didn't get home for lunch and I didn't bring anything with me. I could have made a better choice but I didn't. That fact cannot be changed and I will no longer dwell on it either. I will make better choices for the rest of the day and forgo any type of dessert (even a healthy one). I'm also thinking about adding another workout this afternoon just to help offset the poor choice of lunch. I know I can't out exercise the calories I take in but it will help me mentally!

Something good did come out of my errands though! Over this past week I had 4 different lights burn out on me when I turned on the switch. Two of which were flood lights in our family room. These silly lights (part of a track lighting system) are the hardest thing to figure out. There seems to be a million different sizes and wattage etc. But, I went to the store and got the right ones and even installed them back into the tracks! I also replaced the appliance light in our kitchen radio and the light in my daughter's ceiling fan. All this might not sound like much but I'm proud of the accomplishment!

I will try to get on later and update the rest of the day!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

86 Days

Yesterday went really well! I wasn't sure how I would feel this morning, after the low calorie day, for my workout. I actually felt pretty good this morning - I was a little tired but that was because I had trouble falling asleep last night.

The workout was Core Cardio & Balance. It was nice to have a shorter workout scheduled. It felt really good to do that workout. I did really well with the hip burners and the shoulder work at the end. Those muscle groups really start to burn because Shaun T doesn't let you rest until you get all the way through the cycle. At one point he makes the comment: your shoulders are going to burn and when that happens just bring it all into the core and keep going. That was what I tried to focus on - I closed my eye and just tried to keep moving and pushing through. It is such a great feeling when you make it all the way through without a break!!

Today is a normal eating day. Had my egg white burrito for breakfast and boy did it taste good! I will also continue with my gallon of water. I'm looking forward to a great day - I'm sticking to my eating plan and because of that, I am feeling better every day.

I'm stuck about what to have for dinner. The kids asked to have pasta. I really don't want a huge carb meal after my low cal day yesterday. I want to make sure I stick to balanced meals and really keep this ball rolling. We also have baseball practice tonight so I don't have a lot of extra time to cook 2 meals. I'll think on it for a while and hopefully, I'll be able to get back on later and update what I came up with.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

87 Days

What a difference a day makes!! Yesterday, I felt really tired! I got up to exercise but just couldn't do it - I did teach my gym classes so I did get some exercise. I had hoped to exercise in the afternoon but again I just couldn't get myself moving so I thought a rest day was in order. That on top of doing a month 1 exercise session on Monday (partly because I was running out of time and partly because I didn't think I'd be able to go a full hour). It was actually getting me a touch worried because the family is moving into its busy sports seasons so we end up being out just about every night.

However, this morning was totally different! I woke up feeling ready to exercise!! I did the Max Interval Circuit and it was awesome. I felt great doing the workout and even better after it was finished! It is amazing how much energy you have after working so hard. Common sense says you should be exhausted when you work that hard but the opposite is often true. You actually feel more energetic and empowered after you have pushed yourself to your max and come through on the other side.

I've also decided to zig-zag my calories this week. Today I'll have about 900 food calories and 160 supplement calories (pre & post workout). Now when I say food calories I am using meal replacement shakes so there are a fair number of different supplements being used today! I will repeat this on Friday. On Thursday, I will eat my normal level of calories which I think is around 1500 (I'll try to track it and nail it down a bit more). I've seen this strategy used by many people but I will be honest - I've never tried it myself. I really think it is going to be a BIG kick to my weight loss goals. I've had some water weight fluctuations recently so I want to dial things in during this last week of Insanity. I let that first month get away from me but I feel really good about things now so this is a perfect time to try this!!

Other daily news: my puppy has double ear infection. Poor guy!!! We saw the doc today and he has a yeast infection in both ears. We got his meds (has to take for 14 days) and now we just have to keep vigilant about it. The doc thinks he might be a dog that is just prone to getting them because he hasn't been swimming or anything. Labs are prone to ear infections anyway but I really hope he isn't extra prone!

I've been working on this post off and on all day (actually started it this morning at 7 am) and just wanted to update on how the "diet" is going today. I have stuck to my all day and so far I'm feeling pretty good. I still have 1 shake to drink later tonight and some more water but things are good!

Well the system seems to be acting funny so I am going to try and post this - I may add an update later. Either way, have a great night!!

Final Update For The Day:
It is official! I am sick of meal replacement drinks.....LOL! I made it through this day clean and on program but I really did not want to drink that last shake. I will admit that I really wasn't hungry and if it was a normal day I may have just stopped with 5 meals instead of 6. However, today was not normal and since my calories were so low for the day I knew I had to have that last shake. I am proud of myself for following through on my program, I'm looking forward to getting on the scale in the morning and I'm looking forward to a day of mostly food and not drinks!!! Off to bed - early workout in the morning. I WILL be Diggin' Deep!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

91 Days - What a Great Run!

I had a wonderful run this morning. I was scheduled to be a 10 miler and especially after last week's stomach trouble I was really looking forward to what I could do this week. We took off on a very hilly (and windy) course. There is one section of the course (between miles 3 & 5) that covers the 2 miles and is uphill the whole entire way. I made it up about 3/4 of the way at a really fast pace but then had to slow down. It is so cool to know that I can cross-train 5 days per week and still do so well on a long run!

As I said before, it was supposed to be a 10 mile run but it was actually an 11 mile loop. I knew at about mile 7 that it wasn't going to get me back at 10 miles. I decided that I would see where I was when I hit mile 10 and then walk the rest of the way to the car. As we got closer, I decide to run to a certain spot (knowing it would put me over 10). When I got to that spot, I looked at my watched and realized that I was only 1/4 of a mile from 11 so I just ran it out to 11 and walked the last mile back to the car. It was a good way to end the run - I love walking afterward because it really helps me keep the soreness down! I may still be sore but I am so happy with the way it went!!! I don't have the exact time here in front of me but I do know that we averaged 9:40 per mile. Considering the hills on this course......I am ecstatic about the results!!!

Next week is my last week of Insanity. I will then do 1 recovery week and jump into my hybrid - I'm looking forward to the challenges!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

92 Days

I was feeling the need for something different this morning so instead of doing my normal Insanity workout, I did the Fast & Furious workout and some stretching from the P90X DVD. It was nice to do something different. One thing didn't change though - the workout was a butt kicker!!

The weather was absolutely beautiful today so I took Chip to the park. We did a run/walk for 2.5 miles. He was GASSED! I think the heat really got to him. I had water but left it in the car - I need to remember to bring it next time. I also had him weighed today and he is 83.4 pounds (he's a little shy of 9 months old). I don't want him to get to heavy but the dog is all rib cage, legs and loose skin! We just need to keep an eye on him and make sure he maintains a good weight. I'm afraid that if he gets really big, he might not be able to run with me as much as I'd like - I guess we'll just wait and see.

I'm really proud of my dd - she was in a spelling bee today and did really well! It was a contest between the 4th & 5th graders. Each classroom had a contest and then the classroom winners had a contest in front of the entire 4th & 5th grade classes. My dd was the third best speller in the contest! AWESOME!!

Tomorrow is another 10 mile run. Some of the others are going 12 but I've increased the past 3 weeks plus ran an extra day today so I'm sticking with 10. I'm hoping not to have the same stomach problems that I had last week. I'm running with the faster runners in the group so it will be a good test! The bad part is that it is another 4:30 start. Getting up isn't the problem (I'm up in time when I workout at home) it is just hard to get to where I need to be and ready to start by 4:30. I can do it though and like I said I'm excited to be running with these particular runners!

Tomorrow also holds baseball tryouts on tap. It will be the first time my ds goes to a tryout. I think all the kids make a team, the tryout just gives the coaches a chance to see the kids play first. He has made a lot of progress since last year - I just hope he plays hard and doesn't get all shy when he gets there. He's a good little ball player when he is relaxed and confident in himself.

I guess that's all for now - have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

93 Days & The Gift

I met with "the group" to run this morning and to give Helenann her watch. It was a total surprise to her and it was a great way to start the morning! So, I ended up running 5 miles instead of doing the Insanity Recovery workout. I felt pretty good and it will be interesting to see how I feel on Saturday - 10 miles on the hills.

I ended up eating some things I shouldn't have today. I had some graham crackers and some potato chips. It was a nice little splurge and now I'm moving on.

I heard about my dd's soccer team today. They assigned her to a team that is as far away from us as you can get. I would take me a good 45 minutes to an hour to get her to practice (and the same to come back again) and the coach wants to practice 2x per week. Add to this my ds's schedule, which we don't know yet, and there is no way I can do this! I sent the coach a note a requested a new team. So, now I'm just waiting to hear back from them. I really don't get their team make-ups. We have been on teams located all over the place - I realize that some of that is due to player changes but when you see the same girls over and over again you start to wonder why you aren't still on the same team. Anyway, I'm hoping to hear soon about which team she will be on.

My ds has his "tryouts" this Saturday so we will know about his schedule soon too. He is so excited about playing baseball this year. I hope it carries over to the field. Sometimes he has all this energy and excitement and then gets all shy when he gets to the field.

We got out for a family dog walk and bike ride. The kids rode their bikes (yes both of them) and we walked the dog. It was awesome that we could all get out and do that together - especially since the weather was nice! The fact that my dd now feels comfortable enough to go out and ride up ahead of us is great to see!! I'm so proud of her!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

94 Days

Today was my Max Cardio and Cardio Abs workout. I felt much better today - didn't get light-headed today! It was weird yesterday. These workouts are really hard but I am loving the way they are making me feel! Not only is my body feeling stronger but my focus and enthusiasm is growing as well!

On the P90X commercial there is a woman who says something along the line of: I wasn't crazy about changing my diet but as my body got stronger it craved better food. That's kind of where I am now. Don't get me wrong, I still have cravings every single day and it's a constant struggle every day to keep to my plan. However, I'm feeling stronger, leaner, healthier and energetic and I'm loving that sensation!!!

Even though I have 94 days until my race, I only have about 1 week of Insanity left. It amazes me that time has gone by this quickly. I have really loved doing this program and a part of me is sad to see it end but I'm also excited to start my new program AND get back to consistent running. Speaking of running, I'm actually going to meet the group tomorrow for a 5 mile run. A friend of my is running Boston and just last week her Garmin stopped working. So, we all chipped in to get her a new one kind of as a "Great Job" sort of gift. It will be a lot of fun and she is going to be totally blown away!!

I was at the store today and tried on a "sports bikini" (not sure what else to call it). I looked better than I expected - I'm not where I want to be (still have a pooch in the front) but I've made big strides. I also tried on some workout lycra shorts (I wear them under my shorts when I run) and I dropped a size! There are so many positives happening right now and my next biggest challenge is to not let myself get complacent.

Keep working hard and pushing your limits each and every day!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

95 Days

Today has been a bit strange....I was doing my Insanity workout and got really light-headed. I didn't change my morning routine so I think it was just one of those days. I ended up not doing one round of one of the circuits and then took it a bit easy when I did get back in. I didn't get as good a workout as I usually do but I'm OK with that. I did my best!

Nutrition has been spot on the past week or so. I even kept clean at dinner tonight - my hubby wanted brats and waffle fries. I stayed away and made myself a big veggie and chicken salad. It was satisfying both physically and mentally satisfying. I've dropped 3 pounds over the past week or so and am looking forward to the progress I'm going to make over the coming weeks.

I can't get the past 6 weeks back but I just keep thinking at just how much more progress I could have made if I had been able to dial in my nutrition from the start. The important thing though...don't dwell on that aspect! It is in the past and I can't change it so I'm making the best of today!

Congrats to Jessica who finished Insanity this week and had awesome results! She's now training for the Boston Marathon and I KNOW she'll do awesome!!

Tomorrow is Max Cardio and Cardio Abs - I'm really looking forward to it. I'm Diggin' Deep and loving it!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Great News!!

Last Friday, while flossing my teeth, I thought I chipped my tooth. Go do what you are supposed to do and it breaks anyway!!! Well, I went to the dentist today and it wasn't my tooth! It was actually part of a filling. My face is all numb because he had drill out the old filling to make sure everything fit well. But, I'm just glad it was just a filling and now the problem is fixed.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Big News!

I am so proud! My daughter learned to ride a bike this weekend. My son let her use his bike (so she could easily put her feet on the ground). We rode on the street - back and forth. Then we moved onto riding around the block together. Then she went around the block alone - I was so proud of her because she has been so scared to ride so to go off by herself was absolutely HUGE!! The weekend concluded with her riding all the way around the neighborhood while her Dad walked the dog. She went down hills and everything! I again am just so proud of her!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

98 Days & Saturday Long Run

I've made it to double digits! The race seems like it is a long way off but I know it will be here before I know it!

Today was my weekly run (I'll be increasing my running days in a couple of weeks) and we ran 10 miles. I ran 11 about a month ago and it was WAY too much too soon. So, I was curious as to how I would feel today. My legs and cardio felt really good - did start to feel some leg stiffness around mile 9 but nothing major. We ran 8 last week so I expected some tightness around 9 miles anyway.

The bad part to the run was that I was having some stomach issues (not sure why b/c my nutrition has been quite good this week). This meant bathroom stops - don't worry, no details. On a positive note we were running a loop that had businesses open on opposite ends of the loop so there was no problem finding a place to stop (thank you WAWA & Dunkin Donuts).

Our finishing time was about1:42:00. That means I have 98 days to drop my time by about 20 minutes. I am confident that without the stomach troubles I can put a dent in that immediately. Then getting back into running shape and using some speed work will also shave off time. I think I have a really good shot at 1:20:00 and I'm going to do everything I can to make that goal reality.

Have a great weekend and it I have time I will post my nutrition.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

100 Days

Today was my Max Recovery day and this workout is always tough. It isn't a recovery in the sense of you take it easy. However, there isn't any jumping involved in this workout which is really good for my joints. It incorporates Shawn T's version of some yoga positions, LB strength moves and lots of core/plank type work. You definitely don't jump around like a crazy person during this workout but by the end your arms and legs are definitely shaking and weak.

I realized something today. I have a hard time with the push-ups and to be honest I was feeling a bit down that I wasn't better at them after having done both P90X and almost all the way through Insanity. Then, I went to show my husband a push-up ab and realized that I could go down into a low push-up position and hold it. When I was doing P90X, I could not get into this position and hold it! I still want to be better (and faster) at my push-ups but I'm happy that I am absolutely making progress!!

Today has also been a good day in terms of my nutrition and my water consumption. I have again finished my gallon (and then some) and have mostly kept to my eating plan. I did have some veggie chips. Overall, I'm pleased with the day and hope to see more progress on the scale in the morning!

Tomorrow I'm into double digits for my countdown. I'm also down to about 2 weeks of Insanity! Time is flying by!!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Day 101 - Beginning of Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday which begins the church season of Lent. I am trying to bring 2 very important aspects of my life together in the next 40 or so days. My hope and prayer is that this next 40 days is the beginning to a great life change for me. Up to this point I really feel like I've been living short term "diets" instead of making this a lifestyle change. I always seem to fall back onto the poor eating choices. So, I'm going to use this Lenten season to work on discipline and spiritual focus. I am "giving up" all cookies, cakes, pies, candy etc and reading the book 3:16 by Max Lucado.

I know these 2 disciplines will make me a healthier person both inside and out. By eliminating the junk food I'm really hoping to see some great results in the fitness an weight loss areas. By reading the book and spending some daily time with my Lord and Savior, I'm hoping to open the rest of my life to endless possibilities.

Onto the daily plan:
Exercise - completed Max Interval Plyo this morning. It is still hard - my max HR hit 174 and the average for the working session was 152.

Water - 1 gallon (already close to finishing)

M1 EW burrito
M2 nutrition bar - banana later
M3 Turkey sandwich and veggies
M4 nutrition bar
M5 Beef & Broccoli Stir-fry
M6 LL cheesecake

Update to come later

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

102 Days and counting!

I got up this morning to exercise but was feeling really tired. So, I decided to wait until after school to exercise. This, in the past, has been a very slippery slope for me. I have had a tendency to "say" I will exercise and then not do it. That is why I'm posting it here and will update the outcome after I finish the session.

On a better note, I did get on the scale today and I'm down another 1/2 pound. I am very happy about this because I gave into some munchies last night. Today, I will make sure my eating stays clean and I stick to plan.

Tuesday Plan:
Exercise - Max Interval Circuit (after school)

Water - 1 gallon (already about 1/2 way done)

M1 EW burrito
M2 nutrition bar
M3 Chicken sandwich with veggies
M4 Protein shake and a piece of fruit
M5 Mango Salmon & salad
M6 LL cheesecake

Today didn't go quite as planned. I left for work and realized that I had forgotten my nutrition bar. So I had some graham crackers instead. It was actually a very hard day at work because there was a lot of "junky" food around because it is Fat Tuesday.

I also changed my exercise routine. By the time I got home my knees were feeling a bit rickety. So, I decided to do my Fountain of Youth Yoga DVD. It was my first time doing this routine and I liked it. It is a 45 minute routine as compared to the 90 minute P90X routine. I was also pleasantly surprised at how well I did with the ab work. It wasn't very long but there were a couple of exercises that I have tried in the other yoga session. I was able to do them better than I ever have before. I think I may need to go back and try the Ab Ripper X session one of these days.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Day 103 Update

It has been a couple of days since my last update. Things have actually been pretty calm but here is an overview of the past couple of days.

I did well on Saturday at my friends house. I was able to maintain my weight which is a big accomplishment. Weekends tend to be a very difficult time for me especially when socializing with friends. Friends and food usually go together with me and when I can balance those 2 aspects easily, I will know that I have overcome a huge hurdle.

Sunday was supposed to be a Max Plyo day but I decided to take a rest day. I want to make sure to protect my joints with this program. This is definitely a lot more jumping than I have done in a very long time and the last thing I want is a joint injury!! I think the rest day was a good idea both mentally and physically - I needed it!

Sunday was also awesome because my son went to church with me! I let the kids choose, on the first Sunday of each month, whether they want to attend church with me (the other Sundays are Sunday School so we all just go). I was going to our early service (7:30am) and asked him on a whim. I was very pleased when he said yes - what a blessed day!!

Today started with a Max Cardio session - this one is really hard! Oh, what am I saying? They are all really hard...LOL!! It felt great to get up and move this morning! Then I went to school and taught my gym classes and felt like I had oodles of energy. I love the way a good exercise session makes the rest of my day feel.

I've almost completed my entire gallon of water (less than 32 ounces left) and food is going well.

M1 EW and oatmeal
M2 nutrition bar
M3 Turkey sandwich & veggies
M4 nutrition bar
M5 Steak, sweet pot. & peas
M6 Almost cheesecake

Off to pick the kids up from school!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

105 days left & Saturday run!

Exercise: 8 mile run with friends - done first thing this morning. I felt really strong on the hills and the entire run in general. We did stop to walk a couple of times because my running partner needed a break. She's just getting back into running because of a foot & back injury and isn't sure how the hills are going to impact her body so she wants to gradually try the courses out.

Water: 1 gallon

Nutrition: I'm going to allow myself a bit of leeway today. I won't be splurging all day but we are visiting friends today and I don't know exactly what foods will be available. I am going to watch my portion sizes and have some fun.

I can't say enough just how happy I am with the way my fitness is going! The run today really showed me just how out of shape I was not too long ago and how much better I am now! Insanity has shown me just how much more my body is able to do. I only thought I was working hard before - now I know better!!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Plan for Day 106

Thursday was an awesome day in all aspects of my health and fitness! Friday is going to be just as successful!! I did receive my new yoga DVD from Beachbody. It is the Fountain of Youth yoga session and I'm really looking forward to trying it. It is only 45 minutes as compared to the 90 minutes in the P90X program. I did a quick view of it and it appears to cover all the poses that have really been helping me since this summer. If I have time tomorrow afternoon, I really want to try it!!

Friday Plan:

Exercise - Max Interval Circuit (first thing in am); Yoga (in afternoon if I don't have to pick the kids up from school).

Water - 1 gallon (filling it up tonight so I don't have to worry about it in the morning).

Recovery drink after workout
M1: EW & oatmeal with blueberries
M2: Fruit smoothie
M3: Turkey sandwich & veggies
M4: Meal replacement bar
M5: Baked chix breast, stuffing & veggie salad
M6: CC, pudding, oats

There were a number of times on Thursday that I really just wanted to sit down and munch away on something.....anything. The Beast was pushing hard but I was able to push him away. This is really big for me! One day of not listening to The Beast is in the books and my plan is to string many more together!!!

I can do this!
I choose to do this!
I will do this!!

Update for day 106 - ended up being out for dinner so I was not able to follow my plan exactly. The choices weren't great either. I ended up having 1/2 a meatball sandwich. Not perfect but I'm quite happy with the fact that I limited my portion size. I did finish my exercise session and I did drink my water. Overall, I'm satisfied with the day!

107 Days Left

Yesterday I posted about goals and today I've gotten onto the computer super early in order to post my plan for the day. We need to have those long term goals but it is also important to have daily goals as well! I'm planning on posting this type of record the night before and then adding an update later on in the day. Let's have a GREAT day!!

Exercise goal: Insanity Max Recovery

Water goal: 1 gallon of water

Recovery drink immediately after workout
M1: Egg white and salsa burrito
M2: Protein/fruit smoothie
M3: Turkey sandwich and carrots
M4: Protein bar
M5: Buffalo meatloaf, potato and veggie salad
M6: Cottage cheese, pudding, oats

I know that if I stick to this meal plan (and only these meals) I will see a drop on the scale. So that is my big goal for the day:
Eat only what is on my plan!

End of Day Update:
I did pretty darn well today! My exercise session was completed first thing this morning. My gallon of water was finished at dinner. I did have a small snack of dried fruits and veggies in the afternoon so I didn't stick only to my meal plan but I'm very pleased! This is the best nutrition day that I have had in quite some time....the first of many!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Goals: March 2011

In 2010, my goal was to qualify for Boston. I trained consistently. I train intensely. I made some mistakes and my body gave out on me. I hurt my foot and as a result I didn't qualify. I'm OK with that though because it was the process that was important. I spent a good 4 months training hard and spending time with good friends - in one way it was a disappointment but in many others it was a huge victory!

For quite a while now, my goal was to drop 10-15 pounds. This has been a tougher road than even the marathon training. There is no arguing the fact that I exercise at a high intensity - I put the work in. The problem enters in on the nutrition side of the equation. You can not out exercise what you can potentially eat! All of those little bites count toward your total daily calories. Just because you break off a piece of cookie (instead of eating the entire cookie) doesn't mean it is calorie free. Just because I spent 1 hour exercising at my max doesn't mean I can give in to those sugar cravings. And, unfortunately, that is exactly what I've been doing. Losing the pounds obviously isn't the right "goal" for me. I'm hoping to make the weight loss a secondary achievement.

I have run the Baltimore 10 Miler for the past few years now. It is a great race - well run - and a fair but challenging course. The field has grown each and every year and because of the layout of the streets, they have gone to a wave start. This means that you need to enter an approximate race time when you sign up so that you can start with people who will be running at about the same pace. The course has had my number the past couple of years so when I had to choose a time, I struggled with what it should be. I decided to make this one of my next goals with the hope that it will help me stay motivated with my exercise routine as well as work on my "secondary weight loss goal". I entered in a time of 1:20:00 for the 10 miles (which equates to 8 min/mile). This will be a HUGE challenge for me so it is going to be imperative for me to keep my exercise intensity high, keep my program balanced (running, strengthening & stretching/yoga). It is also going to be a big help to my speed if I drop those pounds.

So, in the next 108 days I will be striving to increase my running speed, to get my body stronger and to keep my flexibility high. I will be running, using my P90X and my Insanity programs to achieve those goals. I know I need accountability with my nutrition so if you read this, please check in with me - call me out if I seem to be slacking in the food department. The little ticker at the top of my blog should make steady downward progress. I will be exercising at my max and because of that, I need to fuel it with good and healthy foods.

Goals are important! I need to have focus - something to work towards. So, my first goal for 2011 is 1:20:00 at the Baltimore 10 Miler! I will be making others but for right now this is what I'm working towards!!