Monday, March 28, 2011

82 Days and a crazy weekend!

Insanity is totally complete! I finished my Fit Test this morning and will have my pics taken later tonight. The Fit Test is below - for simplicity, I have only listed the initial value and the final value. I will, at times, comment on the different numbers/exercises. So, here it goes:

Switch Kicks: 69/72 I actually did better on this during my last test (83). However, I think I was actually getting my legs up higher this time so I'm pleased with this number.
Power Jacks: 62/65
Power Knees: 106/117 This exercise is the same as the switch kicks - I did better last time (124). I don't really have a reason - it just is what it is.
Power Jumps: 39/68 I am THRILLED with this one! This is by far the hardest one for me to do.
Globe Jumps: 11/12 This is an exercise where I move the whole time and just don't see how I could add more revolutions.
Suicide Jumps: 16/20 This was another hard one for me. When I first started the program, I couldn't even get my legs all the way back under me. I'm thrilled with this progress.
Push-up Jacks: 23/33 HUGE increase here! I am not only doing more reps but I'm going down farther as well.
Low Plank Oblique: 60/90 When I saw this number I wondered if I had counted wrong?! This program has greatly increased my core strength!!

I'm having real mixed emotions right now - I'm glad that Insanity is finished but I'm also sad that it is finished. I'm looking forward to different workouts and getting back out with my running buds but I'm going to miss the true butt kicking I got from this program. Until I did Insanity, I didn't know I could work that hard and that consistently. I have my hybrid that I will start next week (beginning with a month of P90X and running) but I'm already thinking about next winter and doing another strictly Insanity cycle. It gets/keeps you in awesome shape and you don't have to deal with the snow and ice (which we have had a lot of the past 2 winters). I think it is also a great way to shock the system.

Onto other matters! Baseball has started in earnest!!!! We are now in the middle of 5 straight days of baseball - I think this is a bit excessive for 8 & 9 year olds but it is what it is. Yesterday we were at a local school practicing. There are actually 2 baseball fields and a big open area that was hosting a soccer tournament. Then all of a sudden here comes a female deer bounding out of the woods. The poor girl was scared out of her mind and was just running here there and everywhere. Long story short....she broke through a school window and entered into the school. She didn't seem to be injured which was good but she couldn't get out of the school either. When we left, they were waiting for a janitor to come and open some doors to see if they could get her out without having to hurt her. I don't know how it turned out but I hope she is alive and running free in the woods!!!

Chip is really loving the baseball practices! We were at the same ball fields tonight and without the soccer tournament there was a lot of open fields for him to run in. I brought a tennis ball with us and we just played fetch the whole time. Well, not the whole time, he loves to chase birds and we let him chase a few out on the soccer fields. You could just tell that he was in his glory!!! It was also awesome exercise for him and he will be tired tomorrow which is a good thing!

Now if I could just find out what is going on with my daughter's soccer team. She was placed on a team that was a good 45 min. drive away from our house. They practice twice a week and the practices were supposed to start at 5:45 pm. There is no way that we would be able to make that especially with my son's baseball schedule. I've called the office 3 times and have spoken in person to someone else associated with the league. He said he would speak to the woman in charge today and see what he could do. I'm trying to be patient but opening day is supposed to be this Saturday! Can you say, RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!!!!!

I think I'm also overly sensitive this week because of all the commitments. My hubby is working OT so I'm the only one available to shuttle everyone around. It just adds extra stress to things. I'm snapping at things more than usual and I'm finding that I'm forgetting things/forgetting to do things. That then adds to the's a viscous cycle.

Here's to calming down and just going with the flow. When I'm peaceful I'm a better person and a better mom and wife. I don't like myself when I'm flying off the handle all the time and I have to just keep telling myself that I am in control of the way I react to things. I can't control what happens but I can control how I react to them when they happen. Food is not the answer....flipping out is not the answer. When things get tough I will take a deep breath and look at the situation again because it is often not really as bad as we originally think it is.

Here's to tomorrow!!!

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