Thursday, March 10, 2011

100 Days

Today was my Max Recovery day and this workout is always tough. It isn't a recovery in the sense of you take it easy. However, there isn't any jumping involved in this workout which is really good for my joints. It incorporates Shawn T's version of some yoga positions, LB strength moves and lots of core/plank type work. You definitely don't jump around like a crazy person during this workout but by the end your arms and legs are definitely shaking and weak.

I realized something today. I have a hard time with the push-ups and to be honest I was feeling a bit down that I wasn't better at them after having done both P90X and almost all the way through Insanity. Then, I went to show my husband a push-up ab and realized that I could go down into a low push-up position and hold it. When I was doing P90X, I could not get into this position and hold it! I still want to be better (and faster) at my push-ups but I'm happy that I am absolutely making progress!!

Today has also been a good day in terms of my nutrition and my water consumption. I have again finished my gallon (and then some) and have mostly kept to my eating plan. I did have some veggie chips. Overall, I'm pleased with the day and hope to see more progress on the scale in the morning!

Tomorrow I'm into double digits for my countdown. I'm also down to about 2 weeks of Insanity! Time is flying by!!

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