Monday, March 07, 2011

Day 103 Update

It has been a couple of days since my last update. Things have actually been pretty calm but here is an overview of the past couple of days.

I did well on Saturday at my friends house. I was able to maintain my weight which is a big accomplishment. Weekends tend to be a very difficult time for me especially when socializing with friends. Friends and food usually go together with me and when I can balance those 2 aspects easily, I will know that I have overcome a huge hurdle.

Sunday was supposed to be a Max Plyo day but I decided to take a rest day. I want to make sure to protect my joints with this program. This is definitely a lot more jumping than I have done in a very long time and the last thing I want is a joint injury!! I think the rest day was a good idea both mentally and physically - I needed it!

Sunday was also awesome because my son went to church with me! I let the kids choose, on the first Sunday of each month, whether they want to attend church with me (the other Sundays are Sunday School so we all just go). I was going to our early service (7:30am) and asked him on a whim. I was very pleased when he said yes - what a blessed day!!

Today started with a Max Cardio session - this one is really hard! Oh, what am I saying? They are all really hard...LOL!! It felt great to get up and move this morning! Then I went to school and taught my gym classes and felt like I had oodles of energy. I love the way a good exercise session makes the rest of my day feel.

I've almost completed my entire gallon of water (less than 32 ounces left) and food is going well.

M1 EW and oatmeal
M2 nutrition bar
M3 Turkey sandwich & veggies
M4 nutrition bar
M5 Steak, sweet pot. & peas
M6 Almost cheesecake

Off to pick the kids up from school!

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