Saturday, March 05, 2011

105 days left & Saturday run!

Exercise: 8 mile run with friends - done first thing this morning. I felt really strong on the hills and the entire run in general. We did stop to walk a couple of times because my running partner needed a break. She's just getting back into running because of a foot & back injury and isn't sure how the hills are going to impact her body so she wants to gradually try the courses out.

Water: 1 gallon

Nutrition: I'm going to allow myself a bit of leeway today. I won't be splurging all day but we are visiting friends today and I don't know exactly what foods will be available. I am going to watch my portion sizes and have some fun.

I can't say enough just how happy I am with the way my fitness is going! The run today really showed me just how out of shape I was not too long ago and how much better I am now! Insanity has shown me just how much more my body is able to do. I only thought I was working hard before - now I know better!!

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