Tuesday, March 08, 2011

102 Days and counting!

I got up this morning to exercise but was feeling really tired. So, I decided to wait until after school to exercise. This, in the past, has been a very slippery slope for me. I have had a tendency to "say" I will exercise and then not do it. That is why I'm posting it here and will update the outcome after I finish the session.

On a better note, I did get on the scale today and I'm down another 1/2 pound. I am very happy about this because I gave into some munchies last night. Today, I will make sure my eating stays clean and I stick to plan.

Tuesday Plan:
Exercise - Max Interval Circuit (after school)

Water - 1 gallon (already about 1/2 way done)

M1 EW burrito
M2 nutrition bar
M3 Chicken sandwich with veggies
M4 Protein shake and a piece of fruit
M5 Mango Salmon & salad
M6 LL cheesecake

Today didn't go quite as planned. I left for work and realized that I had forgotten my nutrition bar. So I had some graham crackers instead. It was actually a very hard day at work because there was a lot of "junky" food around because it is Fat Tuesday.

I also changed my exercise routine. By the time I got home my knees were feeling a bit rickety. So, I decided to do my Fountain of Youth Yoga DVD. It was my first time doing this routine and I liked it. It is a 45 minute routine as compared to the 90 minute P90X routine. I was also pleasantly surprised at how well I did with the ab work. It wasn't very long but there were a couple of exercises that I have tried in the other yoga session. I was able to do them better than I ever have before. I think I may need to go back and try the Ab Ripper X session one of these days.

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