Thursday, March 03, 2011

107 Days Left

Yesterday I posted about goals and today I've gotten onto the computer super early in order to post my plan for the day. We need to have those long term goals but it is also important to have daily goals as well! I'm planning on posting this type of record the night before and then adding an update later on in the day. Let's have a GREAT day!!

Exercise goal: Insanity Max Recovery

Water goal: 1 gallon of water

Recovery drink immediately after workout
M1: Egg white and salsa burrito
M2: Protein/fruit smoothie
M3: Turkey sandwich and carrots
M4: Protein bar
M5: Buffalo meatloaf, potato and veggie salad
M6: Cottage cheese, pudding, oats

I know that if I stick to this meal plan (and only these meals) I will see a drop on the scale. So that is my big goal for the day:
Eat only what is on my plan!

End of Day Update:
I did pretty darn well today! My exercise session was completed first thing this morning. My gallon of water was finished at dinner. I did have a small snack of dried fruits and veggies in the afternoon so I didn't stick only to my meal plan but I'm very pleased! This is the best nutrition day that I have had in quite some time....the first of many!

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