Wednesday, March 23, 2011

87 Days

What a difference a day makes!! Yesterday, I felt really tired! I got up to exercise but just couldn't do it - I did teach my gym classes so I did get some exercise. I had hoped to exercise in the afternoon but again I just couldn't get myself moving so I thought a rest day was in order. That on top of doing a month 1 exercise session on Monday (partly because I was running out of time and partly because I didn't think I'd be able to go a full hour). It was actually getting me a touch worried because the family is moving into its busy sports seasons so we end up being out just about every night.

However, this morning was totally different! I woke up feeling ready to exercise!! I did the Max Interval Circuit and it was awesome. I felt great doing the workout and even better after it was finished! It is amazing how much energy you have after working so hard. Common sense says you should be exhausted when you work that hard but the opposite is often true. You actually feel more energetic and empowered after you have pushed yourself to your max and come through on the other side.

I've also decided to zig-zag my calories this week. Today I'll have about 900 food calories and 160 supplement calories (pre & post workout). Now when I say food calories I am using meal replacement shakes so there are a fair number of different supplements being used today! I will repeat this on Friday. On Thursday, I will eat my normal level of calories which I think is around 1500 (I'll try to track it and nail it down a bit more). I've seen this strategy used by many people but I will be honest - I've never tried it myself. I really think it is going to be a BIG kick to my weight loss goals. I've had some water weight fluctuations recently so I want to dial things in during this last week of Insanity. I let that first month get away from me but I feel really good about things now so this is a perfect time to try this!!

Other daily news: my puppy has double ear infection. Poor guy!!! We saw the doc today and he has a yeast infection in both ears. We got his meds (has to take for 14 days) and now we just have to keep vigilant about it. The doc thinks he might be a dog that is just prone to getting them because he hasn't been swimming or anything. Labs are prone to ear infections anyway but I really hope he isn't extra prone!

I've been working on this post off and on all day (actually started it this morning at 7 am) and just wanted to update on how the "diet" is going today. I have stuck to my all day and so far I'm feeling pretty good. I still have 1 shake to drink later tonight and some more water but things are good!

Well the system seems to be acting funny so I am going to try and post this - I may add an update later. Either way, have a great night!!

Final Update For The Day:
It is official! I am sick of meal replacement drinks.....LOL! I made it through this day clean and on program but I really did not want to drink that last shake. I will admit that I really wasn't hungry and if it was a normal day I may have just stopped with 5 meals instead of 6. However, today was not normal and since my calories were so low for the day I knew I had to have that last shake. I am proud of myself for following through on my program, I'm looking forward to getting on the scale in the morning and I'm looking forward to a day of mostly food and not drinks!!! Off to bed - early workout in the morning. I WILL be Diggin' Deep!!!

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