Saturday, March 10, 2007

I'm on my LAST nerve!!

I'm really trying to be good and not turn to food like I usually do when I'm stressed - so I'm writing instead. It all started (well maybe not "all") first thing this morning. I got up about 4:45am so that I could wake up a bit and then go out for a run. Well, at about 5:10am my 4 year old son comes walking down the steps. Needless to say, I wasn't able to get out for my run first thing. That wasn't too bad because I just went a bit later when my husband got up. The bad part is that my son's behavior is awful when he doesn't get enough sleep - everything is a major catastrophe and tears flow at the drop of a hat. After a while it REALLY grates on your nerves!
Then, just as we were leaving the local fire station (picking up new batteries - don't forget to change your smoke detector batteries and your clocks) the van decides to just stop working. It is some sort of electrical problem but it just isn't something I want/need to deal with right now. My husband is trying to figure it out right now but my gut is telling me I'm going to be without a car for a while. Not having a car would be a major problem come Monday! The car has acted funny the past week or so, so I guess it is our own fault but the problems were with things like the windows. One of the power windows wouldn't work and then all of a sudden it worked. I thought it was a motor problem in the door at first but now that this has happened I'm thinking the problems are related.
Then, after running home to get the other car (got me some extra exercise - I guess that is a plus) we got home and my son had yet another meltdown and got sent to his room. Then, not 5 minutes after I let him out of his room he has another one. I try to keep telling myself that it is because he is tired and because he is 4 years old. But, it isn't making it any easier to deal with!!
Well, I guess this has helped a bit. I'm still very frustrated but I don't I'm going to raid the frig. Plus, "my Flyers" just scored a shorthanded goal to go up 3-1 over the Boston Bruins. I just wish the Flyers were having a better year!

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