Saturday, March 03, 2007

Today has been great so far!

I had some eye openers today. The first one happened while I was watching "Handy Manny" with my son (that's a TV show by the way). The show was talking about making mistakes. I realised that was what was going on in my fitness plan - I was making LOTS of mistakes. However, one positive thing about the situation is that I'm not giving up in any way shape or form. The other positive point is that I am trying to learn from this time in my life. I know that if I just keep working at it I WILL reach my goals. It may not happen tomorrow but it will happen!

The other eye opener was when I put my jeans on today. They were a pair that not too long ago were quite loose but not anymore. They were tight everywhere - the waist, the seat and the thighs. I really hated that feeling. Right now I'm at 140 and I need to be between 130 & 135! The really funny thing is that even though I knew what the scale said, I kept telling myself that 5 pounds isn't that big a deal and yes, a couple of outfits were a bit more snug than they used to be, I still look good in my clothes and I'm probably a lot better off than most of the population. WHAT STINKIN' THINKIN'!!!! I'm heavier than I should be or want to be and I need to make some changes and make them NOW!!

I had an awesome Cardio Coach workout (vol. 6 is great)! It lasted about 50 minutes and it was really challenging. I've also got a leverage system working thanks to Allie over at LL. I'm using my checklist and for every item that I don't mark off at the end of the day, I will give my husband $5. That can become VERY expensive if I don't follow through. I'm also trying to save for a special present for myself and every dollar that goes to him doesn't make it into my savings fund. I love this for a couple of reasons: 1. The leverage is a daily event and not something that I can skip today with the thought "I'll make it up tomorrow" & 2. It is taking me further away from something I really want. Something that I want badly enough that I've started to save a year in advance for it! I am going to use this leverage system until the end of March and see where it takes me - if all goes well and it is a system that works for me I may very well continue it!

My nutrition has also been great today. I've stuck to my plan without fail and haven't had any "cheats". I've even decided to forgo my usual "splurge dessert" because I've had way too many splurges this week as it is. Also, by skipping the splurge, I will make sure that I complete all my checkoffs for the day.

I downloaded some more music today and I want to go out and try it. It was a podrunner podcast and he puts together mixes according to heart rate. I actually got 2 downloads at different speeds and want to try out each both while I'm walking or running and also on the bike. I figure if I can supplement my main workout with the podrunner material it will only help my cause.

One bad thing is that I think I've developed some tendinitis in my right elbow. It has really been bothering me lately. I'm going to take the week off from lifting and see how it feels. The world can't be all roses - right?!

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