Tuesday, November 04, 2008

PWE2 - Day 3

Day 3 is in the books. I am proud that I was able to ride my bike for 30 minutes with my Cardio Coach workout. I wasn't sure my butt would last that long but it and I did well. I was sweating like a pig and it felt great!

I'm a work in progress with my eating but I'll continue to work on it every day!

Off to watch a movie because I'm tired of politics!!!

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rycoe1561 said...

Hi, this is Ryan on your LL program. You do what I do in my journal, you tell how you are doing and not doing and that is great. So what can I say, I also have problems with eating. I tend to like my food tastefullly done and therefore rarely go out because I can do it better. No I am not a chef but I am an incredible cook. I read all of your posts and the serenity prayer comes to mind. My own mother was the same with me. She wanted me to go to church and it didn't work with me the way she wanted. Now she is just happy that I have a faith. Hmmm, you sure do run quite a bit. I am not a distance runner but rather a mixed martial artist and need to get into fighting weight. I chose LL because even if I am a dietitian I need to have some accountability in my life. I do know from past instruction that runners tend to require additional carbs and those carb actually help inhibit the uptake of seratonin in the brain. Therefore, that may be why you are snacking so much. I would recommend that you look at other things to help you inhibit that uptake. It could be a kava kava tea or St John's wort as a supplement until you get your cravings under control. Just a thought. Well I have got to get. I enjoyed reading your blog but it may be hard for me to respond to your blog all of the time. My email address is rycoe1561@yahoo.com. Take care and talk with you soon.