Monday, February 21, 2011

Recovery Week!

I've made it to the Recovery Week in my Insanity program! That means I've made it to the 5 week mark of the program and that next week will begin the 2nd phase of the program.....the Max workouts! I'm nervous and excited all at the same time!!

I was able to go for a 7 mile run on Saturday and it went really well. I wasn't sore afterwards - like I was after the 11 miler the week before. The first 3.5 miles were completed in about 10:30 splits and the last 3.5 miles were in the low 9's. I was very pleased with how my legs felt at the faster pace. I could definitely feel that it was faster - thanks for pushing the pace Cathy! I was happy when we reached the end of the run but I know that I could have kept going.

I did not complete the last Plyo CC session on Sunday because I tweaked my foot on Saturday. I was coming down the steps and a tendon, or something, twinged and it has been a little sore. I decided it would be better to rest it than to do a lot of jumping an lateral movements. It is still a little sore but I didn't have any trouble with the Core Cardio & Balance workout. This was a new workout for me and I liked it - good thing because I do this same workout all week long. There is one section of the workout where you just BLAST your hip flexors and then your shoulders. I'm really hoping that the shoulder work will help me with the plank work in the sessions (I usually start to give out in my upper body before my core "dies").

I think I'm also going to take some 1/2 way photos. I really haven't seen much scale motion but I do feel better. I also feel like my core is stronger and firmer. As these workouts ramp up I'm really hoping to see some downward movement on the scale. My nutrition isn't perfect but I really feel like I'm starting to correct some things.

I'm off for meal #2 - trying a Shakeology drink that I got from a friend. Make it a great day!

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