Friday, February 25, 2011

The End of Recovery Week

This has actually been a tough week. The Insanity recovery week has you do the same workout all week. I have really gotten used to doing something different each day so the repetition got to me a bit. I did mix in a day of yoga and today I will do a stretching session - as soon as I finish this. The week ends with a nice run tomorrow morning - I look forward to these because it gives me a chance to catch up with my runnin' buds.

Next week the real work begins! The Max sessions of my Insanity program begins. I believe there are 4 separate workouts and you just cycle through them one after another. I've seen some video of them and they look really tough. I'm definitely interested in seeing how my body deals with them.

I have 1 more month of Insanity and then I'm getting back into more running. I've already put together a program, which will probably run me a good 6 months, that will incorporate P90X, Insanity and my running. I'm going to alternate the P90X workouts and the Insanity workouts by month with 3 days of running being a constant throughout the program. I really want to see how my body responds to this hybrid. I love the way it will incorporate the lifting, the running and the high intensity plyos as well as the P90X yoga. They have all become so very important to me and the functioning of my body!

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