Friday, February 11, 2011

Our First Run/Walk!

Chip (my puppy) and I went for our first run/walk together today. We went 1.25 miles - it is the route that we walk every night so I knew the distance would be no problem. I would try (emphasis on try) to get him to slow down and walk but he was loving it!

We started with Chip picking up a bottle - he is such a Lab! - and walking. Right from the start he just wanted to Go! When we did start to jog I was having trouble keeping up with him but I got him to slow down a bit just by talking to him. He's my smart boy. My jog seems to be a fast walk for him...LOL!

I was really amazed at just how well he took to it! Now I really can't wait for the weather to start getting nicer! I really want to get him out on the trails but there is still snow around here so the loop in our neighborhood is what we'll use. I'm hoping to get him out a few times a week at least at the beginning. He is about 7 1/2 months old so I don't want to go too far or do it too often.

I'm hoping to have many more runnin' with my dog stories in the future!!

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