Monday, April 11, 2011

68 Days

P90X Legs & Back with ARX went great this morning! I kept the weights the same this week because I was so sore last week (about 3 days worth). My plan is to increase a couple of the weighted exercises next week. I was also able to complete the ARX section of the workout. My puppy was still tired from yesterday so he slept through my entire workout. I did have to work around him a touch but at least he didn't sit on my lap - LOL!

I just received an application for a trail race I ran a couple of years ago. It is called the Half-Wit Half Marathon and it is one of the hardest and most challenging races I've ever done. I am hoping to get a few of my friends to agree to run it with me. It is one of those races that you just "hate" while you are doing it because it is that hard! However, when you are finished you get this awesome rush because you know that you have accomplished something amazing!!!

We have baseball practice tonight and maybe I'll be able to get some running in tonight. I have a 5 mile run planned for the morning but the weather doesn't look very promising. I actually should have run this morning and lifted tomorrow but I didn't really think about it. Too late to worry about that now. I will try to get in 3-4 miles tonight and hope to get something in tomorrow morning. If the run doesn't work out my plan is to do Insanity Max Cardio. Either way, it will be a good workout.

I was also pleased to see a small drop on the scale this morning! It is very important for me to drop these pounds. The 2 races I'm running this summer (Baltimore and hopefully the Half-Wit) are challenging races and I know it will be easier on my body if I'm not carrying those extra pounds. I know that is an obvious statement but I have to continuously remind myself.

Make it a great day!!

I got my 4 mile run in this evening. The best part was that my daughter ran a little over 1/2 a mile with me. This is truly amazing because she HATES to run. I'm hoping it is the start of her wanting to get out and exercise with me more. I don't really care what it is: we can run, walk, bike ride....whatever she wants.

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