Monday, April 18, 2011

61 Days - Boston

I was SO pumped today! Two of my friends were running the Boston Marathon and they both did awesome. Not that I had any doubts but it is so cool to see hard work pay off and work hard is what these 2 women do!! I think they both actually qualified for next years race as well!

I got my timing all messed up this morning and realized that I didn't allow myself enough time to get my workout finished. So what did I do....did I skip it....did I pout....did I go on a feeding frenzy...NO!!! I modified the workout and did what I could. It was legs and back and I chose to do just the leg portion of the workout. I had hoped to get the back portion done later in the day but didn't quite get to it. I'm not concerned though because my Friday workout also include back so I will get the work in.

Tomorrow is a running day and I'm planning on covering 4-5 miles with my buds. My hamstring has been feeling pretty good today so I'm hoping that I'll be able to let loose tomorrow. I'm anxious to get in a good run especially after the amazing Boston performances!!!

There are only 2 months until Baltimore and I need to get in some quality runs. I know I can cover the distance but it is the speed that I need to work on. I also need to focus a bit more on my nutrition especially if I'm not getting the types of quality runs that I want/need. I will have a plan for my nutrition in place by the time I go to bed tonight!!!

Speaking of bed - need to get a good night sleep tonight. Post more later!!

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