Saturday, April 16, 2011

63 Days - Long Run

I was able to get out for my run this morning - rain is holding off and my leg felt pretty good. We set off for a 12 mile run but only did 9. Right around mile 6 we hit a bunch of hills. They weren't real big but there was just one after another after another. These hills really tightened my hamstring (both of them actually) so I decided that cutting it a bit short was the best course of action. We ran it in less than 90 minutes so I'm pleased with the effort.

This was my 4th run of the week and my legs felt pretty good (weekly total was 19 miles). I expected them to feel burnt out but they didn't. This is really encouraging to me because I now know that, once the hammy thing is cleared up, I will be good to go for my run training. I'm really looking forward to the time when I can really let loose during my weekly runs. I will continue to ice, stretch and take my meds until this is cleared up and then WATCH OUT WORLD I will be back in action!

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Coach Shu said...

Glad that your hammy is feeling better and its holding up well! keep up the great work!! inspiring motivation!!!