Thursday, April 28, 2011

51 Days

Yesterday was my first full day of using and it was really helpful to be logging my food again. The day wasn't "perfect" but I didn't give up and I didn't throw the day away because one of my meals wasn't according to plan. There were times during the day when I felt REALLY hungry - this gave me an indication of just how much "cheating" I was doing. The effort also showed up on the scale. I dropped one pound yesterday! I haven't been updating my ticker but that brings me back to 155.5. I'm proud of what I accomplished yesterday and am looking forward to what I can achieve if no make that when I stick to my plan!

I have not been meeting with my running group this week because their marathon is this weekend. Their mileages have been way down so I made the decision to stay at home and do my own workouts. It has been a nice change of pace. To recap: on Monday I ran 4.5 mile (2 with Chip), on Tuesday I took Chip to the trails and ran a very hilly 2 miles and yesterday I did a fast paced circuit resistance training session. The rest of the week will also be different - today I've already completed a yoga routine and am planning to do a Cardio Coach bike workout. Friday will be a "normal" P90X resistance workout. Lastly, Saturday will be a long run alone - I really feel like this is something I need to do! I love to run with my buds but I've also come to realize that when I don't meet with them I tend to not run and with the Baltimore 10 miler just 51 days away, I need to start making sure I get those runs in regardless of weather &/or company!

Speaking of workouts - I'm off to the porch to get my bike workout finished! Until next time!!

I did my Cardio Coach (Vol. 4) workout and it was awesome! I had forgot just how much I love those workouts! The bike is so much different than anything else I do so I love the workout that I get. I will say that the focus and drive that I gained through doing Insanity has really helped in all my workouts - there is never any doubt about finishing workouts or working hard throughout. It's an awesome feeling!!

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