Wednesday, April 27, 2011

52 Days

This week has been awesome - the kids are with my parents and I miss them but it has been really fun to go out and run with Chip. Monday I was able to go on a 4.5 mile run (the last 2 with Chip) and then yesterday I took him to the park. We did a 2 mile loop and stopped in the middle so that he could try his hand at swimming. We hadn't had him to the water since he was a little puppy (he was still pretty hesitant then) but boy did his water instincts kick in yesterday! He really looked like he was having a great time. The run was good too! It wasn't long but there were some really hilly sections that showed me just how much work I need to do before the Half Wit! I also went on a great walk with my hubby last night. The night was beautiful and we walked around the river for about 40 minutes.

Today is going to be busy as well! I did a quick/modified P90X workout. I decided to do it in a fast paced circuit style and boy did it give me a great burn! It was the Shoulder & Arms workout and it gave my upper body an amazing pump and burn! I really liked doing it this way. I don't want to do it that way every time but it was a great way to just shake things up a bit. I'm also planning on taking Chip back to the park (different one) so he can swim. This "new" park has a parking lot really close to the dog park area so we can spend lots of time swimming and not worrying if he be able to make it back to the car. I also have to pick up the kids and get to soccer practice this evening

Starting May 1st there is a group on FB that my friend Jess has started to offer accountability. I am so looking forward to this - I really think it is what I need right now! I'm not fooling myself, I have the exercise part down - it's the food that is tripping me up! I realize that I am a healthy weight and that I don't have 100's of pounds to lose (I'm only 6 pounds heavier than I was when I got married and before having kids). But, to some extent, I think this is part of what messes me up! I look at it and tell myself the above things which are positives however, instead of using these facts as positives I allow myself to eat that extra "thing" because of those facts. I'm not sure if that really makes sense to anybody else but I think it is a very important mindset that I really need to change! I am really hoping that having others right there with me will help keep me on track and make me focus on those little changes that I need to make.

I'm also going back to keeping a food log. I haven't kept one since stopping my membership at Leanness Lifestyle. It is always such an important tool and really gives you insights that you may not see when you just do it in your head. It's always hard when you first start these - you have to input a lot of info but I'm using and it really seems to have a pretty good database.

I'll try to get back on and update the day later.

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