Thursday, April 21, 2011

58 Days

I have really started to feel out of shape lately. I think my perspective has really changed since doing and finishing Insanity. I've been faithfully doing my P90X sessions and my runs (although my hamstring has impacted the quality and length of the runs) but at the end of each day I don't really feel the same way I did while doing Insanity. There was a rush that went along with those workouts that I'm just not getting right now!

I know that I want to eventually get Insanity Asylum (maybe my birthday if not sooner) and I will be starting a round of Insanity in a week or 2. But in the mean time I think I will try to add in an Insanity workout on some of my workout days. I really want to hit my mark at Baltimore and I don't think I will if I don't make some changes.

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