Wednesday, April 13, 2011

66 Days

My hamstring is feeling better today. I can still feel it a touch but no where near like it was yesterday. I'm glad I don't have any leg workouts scheduled for today and hoping that it feels even better tomorrow. Planning on running 3 tomorrow morning but I'm running with someone who likes to go pretty quickly. Normally I can keep up with her without much difficulty but it my hammy is still bothering me I will need to slow down.

I did P90X Shoulders and Arms this morning. I will be honest - I really didn't feel like lifting this morning. However, today is a crazy busy day so I knew I had to get it finished first thing. I did the workout but it really did leave me feeling blah about the whole thing. I know we all have those days and I'm hoping that the next couple of days will be better.

I'm volunteering at school later and then we have sports tonight. My dd was feeling real great earlier so I'm hoping she isn't coming down with something. So, I guess I need to get off this computer and get my act in gear!

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