Saturday, April 23, 2011

56 Days

I am getting tired of the rain! It seems like for every nice day we have, we end up with 2-3 rainy days. I'm so happy that it is starting to get warmer out but I really feel like I need a longer stretch of sun.

The rain also put a stop to my run this morning. The plan was to meet the group and go for an 8 mile run - they are in the very end stage of their marathon training. I don't like running in the cold rain so I decided not to go. In addition, if they get there and decide that it is raining too hard, they can go into the gym - I'm not a member so I'm kind of stuck if that happens. I hope to maybe get something in later today. Maybe the kids could ride their bikes as I run or we could all go for a bike ride. That's all assuming the rain stops!

Now, you've got to know that I did SOMETHING to workout this morning. I wasn't a total slacker!! I actually did my P90X Kenpo workout. This is a workout that I haven't done in ages. I actually don't do any of the cardio workouts because I'm usually running for my cardio. However, I thought it would be a nice change of pace and it was! To up the intensity a bit, I added a little bit of weight to my hands (I held a roll of pennies in each hand) and I like it better. I worked up a great sweat but I didn't feel like my HR got very high. I think that was really my biggest complaint with the session all along and now that I have done Insanity......well, I've discussed that already. My perspective on workout intensity is totally different.

I have a touch of chest soreness from yesterday's workout which I'm very happy about. The hybrid I made up has me scheduled to do 4 weeks of actual workouts before I do a recovery week. I've been wondering if I should modify the program because I feel like I'm losing a lot of the cardio fitness I gained with Insanity (see prior posts). The truth is, I probably am losing some of that but I have to keep telling myself that every aspect of this plan is important. Just because something is different doesn't mean it isn't important or necessary. Yes, my goal is to train for this race but I also need to keep my body healthy! Last year's injuries came about because I got skewed towards 1 aspect of fitness - no stretching, no strength training, all running! I may or may not hit my 1:20:00 time goal but I will make sure I keep my body healthy.

I'm going to stick with the program as I wrote it. So next week will be my last week of P90X (month 1) and then I will do a recovery week. That will bring me to my first month of Insanity. There is no doubt that I'm looking forward to these workouts. The only question (and I may change this part of my hybrid) is do I do the first month or the second month of Insanity. I first wrote it so that I would do the 2nd month first so that I could do 2 sessions of the longer workouts over the duration of this hybrid. However, if I've lost some of my conditioning I'm wondering if it will be detrimental to do it in this way. But regardless of whether I do month 1 or 2, I think this will bring me right up to the race! I'm looking forward to how the program will prepare me for the race.

Have a great weekend and a Joyous Easter!!!

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