Monday, April 25, 2011

54 Days

Yesterday was a great day! I got up and ran 2 miles with my puppy and then had a wonderful Easter breakfast with the family. The kids and I went to church and the annual church egg hunt. The kids looked awesome in their Easter outfits! My body issues definitely reared their ugly heads. I find it very hard to really find nice clothes that fit me AND look good on me. I have relatively broad shoulders so if I get things to comfortably fit my shoulders it usually doesn't fit my body and if it fits my body then I usually feel cramped in the shoulder area.

Then there was "the comment". I'm not going to go into the specific statement because if the person who made the comment reads this it may hurt them and I KNOW it was actually supposed to be a positive comment - my brain just didn't take it as such. We were discussing specific body parts that people usually have trouble with and when I heard the comment I just thought to myself "Damn, I work out so hard and this person is right because the area is a problem." Why do we say and think these negative things to ourselves? Deep down I know I am making myself healthier even though I know I don't have a fitness model type body. But, I still get down on myself upon occasion. It's at these times that I have to be VERY careful because The Beast pops out and tells me that if I'm not perfect I might as well throw in the towel and eat, eat, eat away! I need to stay strong and say NO, NO, NO!!!!!!

Moving on to today. I missed the group run this morning because of rain - sort of - it was raining when I got up but then about 5 minutes after my leave time, I realized it had stopped. Oh well! I decided that it would be a good day to run at home and get Chip another run day. I went out alone and ran about 2.5 miles and then stopped back at the house and go Chip. Together we went another 2 miles and I averaged high 8s for the entire run. It was nice to run in the sunshine AND get out there with the pup. He was very energetic at the beginning and did a lot of pulling! A couple of times he even went after some squirrels and once he cut across my path to get a bottle - almost really ugly!! By the end he was pretty tired. It was (and still is actually) a pretty humid day. Funny though, yesterday the 2 miles did nothing but fire him up when we got home. Today, totally different story - he's been exhausted all day!

I've also been really productive at home. I've cleaned out the frig, changed sheets, did laundry and even have a nice dinner going. My wonderful parents are watching the kids so it's just the hubby and I for a couple of days. I love the feeling you get when you know you have done a good job at taking care of your home and family!

Tomorrow is looking like another beautiful weather day! I'm planning on doing my P90X Legs and Back tomorrow first thing. Then later I would love to get out for a trail run. I'm just afraid that the trails will be absolutely gross with mud and water. I have to come up with my own plans the next couple of weeks because most of "the group" have their marathon this weekend. That means their mileage is way down this week and they probably won't run next week. I'm thinking about trying to add some trail runs in after school on my lifting days. I haven't been running more than 3 days per week for about a year now because of my foot. I don't have any more trouble with that but I had made the decision that I would give up the extra run days to ensure I got all the other aspects of my fitness program completed. However, I think if I get out on the trails with Chip I will do it on my own and it will really help me get ready for Baltimore and The Half Wit Half Marathon.

Anyway, that is my plan for the next little bit. I have some more to do around the house so I'm going to get to it. Laundry and dishes never seem to end!!!Link

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