Saturday, December 02, 2006

What a Great Workout!

I had the best workout this morning! My cold is still hanging around and making it impossible to run for long periods without coughing my lungs up. So, as I was laying in bed last night, I came up with a routine that I thought would work and I was right. I decided to alternate between running and biking. I ran for 10 min (8:26 pace); biked for 10 min (140-160 bpm); ran for 20 min (8:11 pace); biked for 10 min (140-160 bpm) and ran for 10 min (8:06 pace). My legs were really shaky everytime I'd start to run after the bike but it felt awesome. The total time was a little over an hour.

Then after this workout, I setout to get the house in order for the kids party next Sunday. I plan to do a detailed cleaning this weekend - getting through as much of the house as I can this weekend and then on Saturday I can just do a quick run through the house dusting and vacuuming. Overall there was a lot of energy expended today.

My carbs were a bit high today and I need to work on getting things a bit more balanced.

Tomorrow is a lifting day. I don't know if I'll get any CV in because of all the cleaning. That's what happened today - I was so tired as the day progressed I just kept going with the cleaning and let the extra CV go.

I'm really feeling confident about being able to reach my goal of 127. I need to buckle down a bit and I'll be there before I know it!!

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