Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday - Biceps & Fast Walk

Today's lifting session was EXCELLENT! I really felt strong today - I lifted in the afternoon versus early morning which may have made a difference. I felt really strong and was able to, in some situations, increase both weight and reps. Here are the numbers:

Modified superset
Standing curls x10 @25#; x6 @ 27.5#; x8 @ 27.5#
Concentration curls x10 @ 17.5#; x8 @ 20#

Drop set
Incline curl 1x12(10) @ 17.5/15#; 1x 11(6) @ 17.5/15#

Aftershock superset
Incline hammer curl x11@ 15#
Standing hammer curl x11 @15#

This morning I went out for a 30 minute fast walk. It felt good to just get out and enjoy the morning! My weight was 137.5 this morning. No drop from yesterday but I'm feeling good about the way the week is going. I've been discussing my next move with Coach Tom at LL and I will be switching programs soon to Hypertophy Specific Training (HST). I'm really looking forward to seeing what I can achieve!

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