Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday - Triceps & CV

Today was a good workout. I lifted triceps - I didn't know how the workout was going to go because I was extremely sore the last time I did this workout. Everything turned out great though. I was able to increase my reps on the modified superset but after this increase I was not able to increase the drop sets. I'm happy though because I'm really just shooting for some sort of increase each session.

Here is the workout:
Modified superset
Lying extensions 3x12 @ 20#
Kickbacks 2x12 @ 15#

Drop sets
Overhead extensions 2x8(7) @ 20/15#

Next workout: I will increase the weight of the modified superset (and decrease the reps) and try to add 1 more rep on the drop set.

Cardio: immediately after my lifting session I went out for a run. I wasn't as concerned about overall pace because I wanted to incorporate some hill work in the middle. My plan was to run about 4 miles so I wanted to place the hills at around 2 miles. I ended up putting them in at about 1.75 miles and then did 4 hill repeats (sprinted up the hill and then walk/jogged combo down). The hill was in the ball park of 1/10th of a mile long. After the hills I completed the remaining distance so that my total mileage was a touch over 4 miles. My overall pace was about 9:30 per mile (including the walking during the hills) and my max pace was about 6 min. per mile. I'm pleased with the effort.

I was also happy to see another drop in scale weight. I'm now at 137.5# and I'm feeling better every day. It feels great to be getting back on track!

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