Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sunday - Legs

Today was a tough workout. I have a love-hate relationship with leg workouts. There are times that I absolutely love to do leg workouts and times when I absolutely hate to do leg workouts. Today was one of those "hate" days. I just didn't want to get my butt off the couch and get started but I did and I feel good about my accomplishments.

Today's workout:
Modified superset
Alternating lunges 3x10 @ 25#
Stage squats 2x8 @ 45#

Sissy squats 2x10 body weight only

Modified superset
Stiff-legged deadlifts 3x8 @ 45#
Standing leg curl with tubing 3x12 @ blue tubing

Drop set
1 legged calf raises 2x12(10) @ 40/35#

Seated calf raises 2x25 @ 45#

Speed reps
Donkey raises 2X25 @ 25#

I don't think I outlined some of the finer points of the workouts. The modified superset is just a superset with a break between exercises. So, instead of doing the 2 exercises back to back, you take a 1-2 minute break between them (1 minute for everything except legs where you take a 2 minute break)

Also the leg workout has some interesting aspects to it. The first is the stage squat. The exercise has you squat down and do the bottom 2/3 of the rep. Then after about 10 reps, you drive up and do the top 1/3 of the rep making sure to squeeze your quads at the lockout point. The second is the sissy squat. I don't have much experience with this exercise and find it a bit awkward. The final part is the seated calf raises. I have trouble getting a weight on my legs that allow me to really feel the exercise. I ended up doing very high reps instead of doing the drop set that the actual workout called for because the weight felt so light. Also all the weights are using dumbbells and so it is the weight of 1 of the dumbbells. So, if it says that I doing a squat with 45# that means that I'm holding 2 45# dumbbells.

I won't be lifting tomorrow because it is Christmas but I'm afraid that I'm am going to be one very sore cookie tomorrow!

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