Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm Feeling Really Good!

Things have been going really well lately! I finally got my head screwed on straight. A friend, from LL, told me something the other day that REALLY helped. I told her (Katrina) that when I get sick I tend to eat poorly. She told me about a conversation she had with Coach David where he said that if you are really sick you will probably lose weight not gain it. All the crappy eating was mostly you feeling sorry for yourself and trying to comfort yourself with food. BAM!! Light bulb moment! That was exactly what I was doing and I was then further using it all as an excuse when dealling with my leverage. I need to thank both Katrina and Coach for that message because it has made a huge difference. I have gotten my weight down to 130 and am really feeling great.

My workouts have been pretty good too. I'm still struggling with my cardio because of my chest congestion. If I go too hard I start coughing to the point where it feels like I'm going to get sick. Yesterday I went out for a 45 min session but combined walking and running (10 min walk followed by 10 min run and then repeated. Finished with 5 min walking). The walking was very fast paced but it is frustrating that I still struggled with it at the end. My legs feel good and really so does my endurance it is just the silly coughing that gets me.

My lifting has been awesome. I entered my routine into LL's Muscle Professor and it has been great. The program progresses your sessions and gives you easy, moderate & heavy days. I am getting awesome pumps during/after my workouts and I haven't gotten that in a really long time.

I have about 2 weeks to reach my goal of 127 and I am going to make it - I can just feel it!!!

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