Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm On a Roll!

Things have been going really well lately! This weekend could have been a disaster but I stayed strong and it was excellent. One of my goals for this weekend was to lose some weight. I'm usually content to just maintain over the weekend but not right now. I need to lose the pounds each and every day (so to speak).

Saturday was a football day so that means tailgating but I stuck to my veggies and dip! Sunday was a get together with friends. When we get together with these people it usually turns into an eating-fest but not this time. I again brought my veggies and dip and stayed away from the pizza, brownies and spaghetti.

Today was also a good day but I will admit that it was hard. I was having cravings most of the day. I also didn't get my workout done this morning (I was feeling VERY tired). The good news is that I didn't give into the cravings AND I got my RT workout done this evening. I'm really proud of today's accomplishments!

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