Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I DID IT!!!!!!


I purchased the above shoes to use as a leverage for my present challenge. If I make 125 by Dec. 8th, I get to keep the shoes. If I don't make it, then my dh will donate the shoes. I really want/need those shoes so there is no way I won't make my goal!!

I've been feeling really good about my nutrition and my workouts. Speaking of working out, the funniest thing happened tonight. I had just gotten back from buying my shoes and my ds comes running up to me. He is all out of breath but he's still impatiently asking me if I'm going to go out and get on my stationary bike. He REALLY wanted me to go out back and get on that bike. I hadn't planned on going out but with encouragement like that, who could resist! I went out and did a good hard 15 minutes. Now it is time to start me evening routine so I'm signing off. Here's to good health and weight loss!!!

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