Monday, November 06, 2006

Where has the time gone?

Boy, time sure is flying by. Before you know it Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here. I started a team on LL about 2.5 weeks ago and I think things are going pretty well. Activity on the forum page has dropped way off but the team numbers are looking pretty good.

I was doing GREAT but over the past couple of days I seem to have slipped off the wagon a bit. I made a bit of a recovery today but it was not a "perfect" day. I had a great lifting session this morning. I really felt like I was pushing really hard because I used the weight I was lifting for 10 reps and went for 15 reps. It really showed me that it is time to up the 10 rep weights. Then I taught my gym classes today and really tried to keep moving the whole time - especially during our warm-up runs. I finished the day by running to my staff meeting. The distance was a touch under 2 miles and my pace was 7:53/mile. I was going to run home but I got yelled at by everyone because they thought it would be too dangerous. They were probably right so I decided to accept a ride home.

Tomorrow we don't have school - election day. GO VOTE! I'm not sure what my run will be tomorrow but I do have some extra time if I decide to go a bit farther than normal. I also need to really start to buckle down on the nutrition aspect of my program - I'm not really sure where I got off track. I guess it is just having the Halloween candy around. It is triggering all the bad food habits/desires that I have. I honestly believe that if I can just get 1 "perfect" day under my belt it will go a long way to getting me back on track.

I contacted a photographer today about our Christmas family pictures. I think I'm going to have them taken Thursday evening. I'm going with a different photographer this year. The one we've been using the past few years never called me back after I had left a message so I decided to go with the one who did our school pictures. She does a great job and I can't wait to see how they turn out.

Since there is no school tomorrow, I'm planning on taking the kids to our local natural history museum. Hopefully the neighbors down the street will be able to come too. It would be a lot of fun for me to have another adult to talk to and the kids love to play together too. Hopefully a great time will be had by all!!

Off to finish my nightly routines and to do my journaling for the day.

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