Monday, October 30, 2006

Renewed Spirit?!

I am feeling awesome and very confident right now. I'm not sure what exactly happened but I am feeling great! I was able to keep my diet very clean on Saturday (football tailgate) and my weight stayed the same. It usually goes up on the weekends and then I fight all week long just to get back to square one.

Ever since then I have just been feeling really good about the whole thing. I have had great workouts and my eating has been much better (still room for improvement but I'm working on that). Today is on track to being a perfect day - exactly according to plan. We had one of our 2 Halloween parades/parties today and I didn't have one bite of any of the treats. It really makes you feel good when you set a goal and then achieve it!

I know that this feeling could be gone at any moment but I am definitely going to ride this wave for all it is worth! I am loving life right now! There are 2 quotes that have really struck a cord with me lately: "Bad food choices are NOT an option!" taken off the LL forum and Every quit hurts and every success helps! (paraphrased from David Greenwalt).

Off to make dinner - salmon, rice and salad (yummy)!

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