Saturday, October 21, 2006

Use It To Lose It - Day 1!

Today is the first day for my LL team. I started the day very excited and was able to get out for a 4 mile run and kept an 8 min/mile pace. It was a touch chilly out but it felt great and I was able to maintain the pace I set as a goal the night before. Overall, a great way to get the day started.

I knew going into it that today was going to be a challenging day because we were taking the kids to the zoo. At a minimum, I would be out of the house for 2 meals. I planned ahead and brought food for those meals and as a result have been able to stay clean. I am going to have my splurge dessert tonight and I'm really looking forward to that.

Tomorrow is going to be a challenge too because we have been invited to our friend Mary's house and there is always lots of eating going on there. I am really going to need to be rock hard tomorrow if I'm going to stay on track with my eating. I have been making some progress with my weight over the past couple of days and I definitely don't want to mess that up with one day of eating poorly.

Here's to having another great day tomorrow!

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