Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm Really Excited!

I'm getting a chance to help people with their fitness goals. This has come about in two ways at the same time. I've decided to start/lead a team at Club Lifestyle and some people at work are starting an 8 week program. I made some suggestions after taking a look at their initial plan and they really seemed to like the changes I offered. All I did was suggest some of the techniques that I learned from Coach David (leveraging being the biggest one). One person in particular seemed intrigued by the ideas and she is probably the one who needs the changes the most.

I can't express how excited I am about all this. I may also start exercising with another co-worker which would be really cool! I can't tell you the last time I had a chance to really workout with another person. It will definitely be a boost for my program!

Today (Sunday) is a new start for my program. I've already made some of my "staple" foods so that I have no reason to go off my nutrition plan. I want to make a couple other things too so that I'll have options and variety. I'm going to my parent's house today and I've already made a plan for the remainder of the day. Detailed planning has been a bit on the back burner lately but that is changing starting today!


Julie said...

Hi Cheryl ~ I'm excited, too! This should be a great team. I just e-mailed Gina that the majority of the teams I've been on in the past have been fairly quiet on daily or weekly threads but I'm hoping more people will have some fun with it this time around. I tend to stay more strict and dedicated when there is daily activity and conversations, so let's make this a great friendly team!


Cheryl said...

That is definitely my goal. If possible, I would like to have daily check-in's. I will try to start a thread each morning but feel free to start one if you see that I haven't had a chance. I want everyone to be challenged each and every day! I know it won't be anything like a real Boot Camp with Coach, which I would love to do but I can't swing the finances, but to have eveyone reach their goal would be awesome!

Here's to some kick butt results!!!