Sunday, May 01, 2011

48 Days!

I didn't get a chance to get on here yesterday but I had an awesome run! I actually got my butt out the door - by myself! - and ran 8 miles!! I was hoping to do 8 on my own and then 2 with Chip but I really burned my legs out by going hard at the end. I thought it was smarter to not push it and then be able to keep going long term (hammy was starting to get cranky). I ran the 8 miles in 1:09:59 which is an 8:44 pace. I'm very pleased with this time. I know it is still far away from my goal of 10 miles in 1:20:00 but I am confident that I will bring that time down as the days move forward!

Then we had my daughter's soccer game and she scored a hat trick AND had 2 assists!! Our coach did a good job and trying not to run up the score (it was VERY lopsided) and had the girls working on passing, working together and staying spread out on the field. It was actually a very fun game to watch because you could see the girls really starting to "get it". Then we got a call from our friend asking us to come down and spend the day. It is always great fun but we also tend to eat way too much food. As a result my weight did pop up a bit. But that changes TODAY!

Today is the start of our 10 Day Challenge that Jess started up. I'm really looking forward to this and I am really going to stick to the plan!! I need to show myself that I can do this!

Well, I started this early in the morning and I was in a very positive mood. Things changed drastically and it turned out to be a very bad and stressful day. I'm ending this now because I really don't have any positive feeling right now!

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